205 Live – The Pickup: “I’d be Embarrassed to Donate that Outfit to the Salvation Army”

Hey, kids.  It’s Botch with your weekly dose of “205 Live” pageantry.  Let’s get started, shall we?

The latest thing to come down the “205 Live” pike is the addition of Kalisto.  Why it took them as long as it did to move him to “205 Live”, I will never know.  His size and style have screamed out “205 Live” from the moment the show started.  Nice to see him somewhere he actually fits.  Maybe they’ll actually do more with him.

In ring segment with Kalisto and Enzo  –

Kalisto comes out to say a few things.  First, I have to comment on the ring gear.  Very cool.  He looks liked of like a golden crustacean but it all works.  At first, I was hesitant about it because of how bad he’s been on the mic.  Half of this was in Spanish and half English.  He didn’t go on long and stuck to the script, essentially, which is good for him.  He came off well.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to do more as time marches on.

Then Enzo came out.

Enzo is, without question, the best thing to happen to “205 Live” since…ever.  He has the one thing in spades that only Neville, Gallagher, and Kendrick possess:


He’s also got content for days.  The man doesn’t ever dry out.  He could talk and talk and not repeat himself or get completely boring.  He had many money lines (too many to list here – one is our title this week) but I was totally absorbed.  He did get a few “boos” but I’m not sure how real they were.  Vince has a habit of piping chants in when he wants and he may have done that here.  Hard to say.  He introduced Ariya Davari as, among other things, “The Persian version of Drake”.  Dead.

Ariya Davari vs. Kalisto –

Ring work is never really a problem on “205 Live” – even if it is watered down.  They somehow generally find a way to make it entertaining and that happened here.  The rest on the top rope to a flip by Kalisto was just magic!  They told a great story in there and the periodic shots of Enzo watching the match and commenting on it moved it even further.  Really nice all around.  Of course, Kalisto had to win and he did.

Winner:  Kalisto

In ring segment – Drew Gulak –

He comes out with his “No Chants” picket sign and old school attire which I love.  He kind of reminds me of Bill Watts who actually works in the ring.  If you don’t know who Bill is, look him up.  He very nearly made a mess of the NWA decades ago because he didn’t want anyone going off the top rope or doing anything crazy.  That’s a whole other story.

I loved the whole “Drewtopia” thing.  I laughed out loud when he said it.  I’m digging this whole “Plan for a Better 205 Live”.  I just wish the angle could catch fire a little more.  All the pieces are there and Drew is game but it’s just not…enough.

Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali –

I loved that Akira Tozawa came out with a mic and folding chair and watched from the top of the ramp.  More storytelling…on 205 no less!  Akira periodically distracts Gulak with the “HA HA” war cry and Gulak’s responses to it were golden.  Even Ali showed personality during the match.  He did a flip in the middle of the ring, Gulak gives him crap about it, and Ali goes, “yeah, I flipped”.  LOL!  The way he did it was great.  Ali is no slouch in there and his neck breaker on Gulak was inspired.  Ali hit his finish and that was it.

Winner:  Mustafa Ali

Interview – Dasha and The Brian Kendrick –

Kendrick could always get it done on the mic and he does here too.  She begins by asking about Cedric but Kendrick’s not on that page.  He goes on about Enzo instead – feeling responsible for having anything to do with the “mob mentality” on display against him.  He knows how it feels, darn it all.  Interesting how two of the guys are now seemingly aligned with Enzo.

Before we even know it, Cedric is all over him – attacking Kendrick’s knee.  We finally get personality from Cedric in a big way…and I love it.  I’m a huge fan of Cedric’s from the Indies (CWF and others) and I really want him to succeed.  Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of him really showing personality.  Kendrick doesn’t surprise me in the least bit; Cedric does now and I’m loving it.

Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander –

Jack’s ring attire is completely different.  RIP Fruit Stripes wrestling trunks.  LOL!  He’s now dressed as an English gentleman without the jacket.  He’s even wearing a tie. Dig the Burburry shoes!  William III is in tow as well.

Cedric comes out…not thrilled and it’s on.  My favorite move from Cedric is his dropkick.  They rarely come crispier and watching Cedric hit them just brings tears to the eyes.  They are PERFECTION.  ‘Course, Gallagher is no slouch either and they had nice chemistry together.  Gallagher never had a problem showing charisma and we get some here from his as well.  The wonderful surprise, again, is Cedric.  He shows passion throughout – telling the story as much with is face as he does with his move set.  Then, it goes beautifully off the rails.  Gallagher goes for William III and Cedric is NOT having it.  He then attacks him with ol’ Willie and it’s glorious!  Of course…

Winner:  Jack Gallagher via DQ –

Cedric is SOOOOOO not done, though.  He continues attacking Gallagher and it’s great.  This feud has completely caught fire and I am loving it.  Gallagher is going to make a spectacular heel (even though the turn came completely out of nowhere with no real motivator) and as long as Cedric can be this passionate, the sky’s the limit.  We may finally be seeing Cedric fulfill the promise he showed during the “Cruiserweight Classic”.

All in all, a very nice episode of “205 Live”.  Very nice action throughout and very nice stories told.  I honestly can’t wait for next week.  Hope you can’t either.

Botch out!