The Imperial Chronicles: Cornette/Marella Confrontation

As many of you are already aware of, Jim Cornette and Santino Marella had a bit of a confrontation that was recorded by a fan and posted on Facebook. (Warning:  This video is NSFW)


The issues between the two men go all the way back to Ohio Vally Wrestling in the early 2000’s where Marella was a developmental prospect and Cornette was one of the people in charge of WWE’s farm system at the time.

Reportedly there was an incident between the two after Marella had filmed an in-ring segment with the Boogieman Martin Wright for OVW television. Marella alleges that Cornette slapped him in the face and shouted at him for “no-selling” Boogieman’s  offense during the segment and claimed they didn’t have the money to edit it for television. Marella also alleges that after his career-ending neck injury in 2014 Cornette called him to gloat that his in-ring career was over.

Cornette has always denied these claims and has spent many hours on his podcast running down Marella for being a “comedy wrestler” and has challenged him to prove that anything said on his podcast is not true.

After the Video was released, Cornette had this to say on Twitter.


Authors Take: From what I saw in the Video, Santino may have just been trying to see if Cornette was willing to put his money where is very large mouth is! And some quick fact checking for you guys, Santino is currently employed by the Canadian TV Network Sportsnet as an on-screen analyst and owns his own MMA and Pro Wrestling training facility Battle Arts Academy.