The Imperial Chronicles: News Of The Day

Here are some of the stories making headlines today.


Jim Cornette Shows Us Who He Is!

A video surfaced today of Jim Cornette exposing himself during a live stage show with Bruce Pritchard. As I’m sure you don’t actually want to see Cornette “Tackle Out” we won’t post the vid. But we’ll give you a brief play by play.

It all went down at St. Andrews Hall in Detriot when Cornette saw a cardboard Vince Russo head, which would normally be used for impressions, and threw it on the ground and pretended to urinate on the cutout.

Jim then pulled his track pants down and flashed his “Old Fella” in front of the entire audience.”

Authors Take: No matter the reasoning, once a man exposes himself in public he can’t possibly sink any lower!


New Shield Merchandise?

There are multiple reports of a new Shield T-Shirt being sold at concession stands at tonights Raw.


Billy Corgan’s New NWA?

Billy claimed in a recent interview that they’ve been very cautious with what information they are putting out about the new NWA. He says they don’t want to do what a lot of people in the wrestling business do which is making a bunch of promises that never come true. He also claimed there is still a healthy interest in the NWA.

He revealed that the NWA will start running shows this spring that will be available for free online and that it will be a “weekly show that anyone can watch anywhere in the world behind no pay-wall” and hope to build up the brand by putting the wrestling first. He also said that there are no more NWA affiliates/territories as they have let all of the affiliate agreements lapse.