The Imperial Chronicles: Raw Ratings

While many think that the 10/9/17 episode of WWE Raw was one of the best seen in months, the ratings do not reflect as such.

1st hour 3.008

2nd hour 2.894

3rd hour 2.711

Average rating 2.871


After so many months of questionable booking, an absent Universal Champion, and shows still being written as they air, has made almost all WWE live shows come off as choppy and confusing.  Gone are the days of the WWE leading the ratings, and while this particular episode of Raw was one of the best to air in quite a while, it takes a number of good shows in a row for the ratings to start bouncing back in any way.  Not saying that that Raw will be getting sevens if the shows continue to be as solid as this episode, but they will improve some if they continue to produce shows as solid as this one.