The Royal Flush – SmackDown

I’m so excited!  My first real article on WR and I’m giddy.  Further, I’m so excited that we chose HIAC to re-debut the site because it’s the best PPV the WWE has been given us in recent history, including WM, in my opinion.  Follow that up with a really solid Raw and then this SD.  Just wow.

I want to thank everyone who has visited WR since we opened.  We are in awe at how everything has been going here, and we wouldn’t be doing as well as we were if not for you, and we all know that.  Thank you!


Uce Truce

The stills they showed from HIAC were great, but nothing compared to how these guys tore it up in HIAC on Sunday. When the Usos came out and called out New Day, I knew that it was going to be all about respect. It’s been a long time since the Hardys and E&C did this, so it was fantastic to see between these two teams. They have been the dominating the Tag Division on SD for quite a while.

Then the Hype Bros had to get into it. Yes, they are working on expanding the Tag Division on SD, but not with Hype Bros! They need to break this team up and fast. Mojo is so much better than Ryder will ever be! And Ryder’s long-line-vest-thingie is even uglier than Christian’s big C cut hoodies.

Loved Gable and Benjamin here, they were adorable, and it was great that Gable did the talking, because Shelty really shouldn’t be on mic for any reason.

Breezqango is cool, but I’m biased. And I love the growing relationship(?) between them and Ascension. I see great things between these two teams.  I want to see a friendly/feudly between them.  For some reason I see a very Foley/E&C happening between them.


Tag Team Fatal Four Way

I will say it was a decent match and needed to be done. Further, it makes sense to have Benjamin and Gable as #1 Contenders, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see Breezango as Tag Team Champs. They’ve worked so hard, if not in the ring, to get over with the fans, and have helped Ascension get over more than they have since being called up to the WWE. They might not be able to stand up to the Usos in a believable way, but they’re really solid in the ring and deserve a shot


Non-Divas All Cranky

Yay, Carmella is in her one piece ring gear. I was just saying (to the other writers) that I was missing that one piece.  Even better is that this one was pink, and pink is my favorite color.  (I have a Wrestle Royalty hoodie [ordered from Cafe Press, which WR merch is available there] which is pink.  Yes, the purple and gold clash, but I have another pink hoodie, and it’s WR which makes me that much happier!)

So what will come of that fight?  I didn’t really get much from it, to be honest.


Boring Corbin Is Boring

I’m a keyboard warrior, and proud of it! Actually, I am a medieval warrior, you should see me shoot my medieval crossbow, but that would scare Corbin a bit too much.


Orange vs Pink

Carmella really is a very good wrestler, and she’s more than gotten herself over with the fans, and without the help of Enzo and Cass. Yes, the turtle helped her a bit, but she was really getting over before him, and on her own merits.  All that good stuff said about Carmella, I’m thrilled Becky won this match because she’s so underrated.


SD Is Kevin’s Heaven

KO was so great here. He always is, but dang, he BLEW it out of the water!!!  His guardian angel is Sami Zayn!

Sami really killed it on mic. He sold his turn better than expected, but exactly the way I thought he would.  I’m so floored!  I wasn’t sure Sami would be a great heel until I saw him seething at Shane at HIAC, then I KNEW he would be great.  


League Of Nations Tag It Out


I adore Aiden English and I’m thrilled he’s looking so much better than he ever did with Gotch.  Beyond that, I have little to say about this match.  Orton has been pushed so hard for no obvious reason, it’s getting ridiculous!


Soccer Mom Speaks Up

Love that AJ can talk after all those years in TNA.  Proof that TNA really hasn’t treated the wrestlers very well, ever!


Viking Steampunk Goats

Bludgeon Brothers, I love it!  Then again I have a thing for Vikings.  I dress as a Viking much of the time at my medieval events.

Seems like the Tag Division is back together on SD!  I guess McMahon has decided the Tag Division is important again!  Hopefully Sami and KO tag and take the straps, that would make me more than giddy, especially if they feud with the Viking Goats!


Roode Forgot His Lines!

He really screwed up here, and the fans knew it. That right there shows why over-scripting greats can be a really bad thing.  Roode did a great job on mic in TNA, so I imagine he might be struggling with this over-scripting.  He didn’t crumble and I give him props for not crying.


Soccer Mom Gets Owned

AJ owns Corbin from the first moves of this match and keeps on through most of the match.  I have to admit that I thought AJ was going to win this match because I didn’t think they’d let Corbin go over AJ clean and retain the strap.


Wrap Up 

This was a solid episode of SD, and I’m thrilled that it was as my first Flush.  Again, I want to thank you all for joining us, and, as always, if you want something special on the site, please let us know so we can try to accommodate.  Queen KB