The Imperial Chronicles: Cody Responds To Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been getting his Troll on in his Twitter feed as of late. After having some less than flattering things to say about the Young Bucks regarding the recent Two Sweet cease and desist he’s been arguing with anyone and everyone that the current generation of  WWE guys are superior to well…everyone!


Eventually, a fan tweeted a link to a video featuring a Cody (can’t call him Rhodes) cutting an obviously in-character promo about how since he’s been in Ring Of Honor numbers are through the roof and he’s the biggest draw in Pro Wrestling. Roman replied to the fan saying this…

Well, it would appear, Cody had heard about Roman’s antics on social media and decided to cut a rather scathing promo on WWE’s “Big Dog” to open Ring Of Honors Global Wars Chicago iPPV.

Basically, Cody said that a lot of people stopped to thank him because this weekend was the highest grossing tour in ROH history. He also said that he wanted to address a tweet from yesterday. He said he was sure he couldn’t mention the author of said tweet by name, but the tweet reads “If that house didn’t draw over 100k, he’s just talking silly. Hashtag Walk Over Talk. Cody then said, “I thought that tactical vest was just covering up a failed drug test, but it was covering up envy.”

Cody continued the promo by saying that they are not indy wrestling, but it’s a club, and everyone (the fans) is in the Bullet Club. He then continued with his usual promo and said that someone would kiss his ring later in the night and he wanted to get someone to kiss his ring. Rhodes picked out a “fan” to kiss his ring but it turned out to be Dalton Castle, and he attacked Rhodes. Castle will challenge Rhodes for the ROH World Championship at Final Battle in December.

Authors Note: Three things became very clear when following this story.

  1. Roman’s twitter antics are proof he’d be better off playing a heel!
  2. WWE may just consider Bullet Club’s success to be enough of a threat to their future success (especially with WWE signed workers rumoured to want out of their deals in order to follow Cody’s example and try and “make it” all by themselves.
  3. The more WWE and their employees take shots at Bullet Club…more fans will start checking them out