The Imperial Chronicles: Kane’s Return Will Be A Short One

Nobody expected to see Kane on Monday Night Raw this week but it certainly happened. Now that he’s been inserted into the main event of TLC a lot of fans are left wondering what will happen next.

Kane’s return was a very exciting turn of events but fans probably shouldn’t get too used to seeing him back in the WWE.

Kane’s comeback run will only last a month or so but it’s been in the works for a couple weeks now. WWE was able to keep this a very hidden fact and most talent backstage didn’t know Kane was coming in. It’s a pretty impressive thing to keep hidden seeing how everyone knows what Glenn Jacobs looks like at this point and he’s such a massive human being.

But still, judging by what reports say most talent backstage didn’t know Kane was going to start another run until he burst out from the ring during the closing moments of the main event cage match!