The Royal Flush – Smack Talk

I’m still so excited and floored by how Wrestle Royalty is going, and I cannot thank everyone enough for how this is going. I love everyone, and I can’t get over how happy this is making me.


Bryan to the ring and his hometown fans love him!

I can’t even! Normally I take notes during a segment, or write it all out as it happens – or, I try, I’ve not been really been in the groove as of late as I’ve not been writing regularly for a couple months – but I couldn’t do that with this segment because it was just so great! Honestly, I cannot say enough about this segment, you just need to watch it to truly get how amazing it was. While I’d love to say it was mostly Sami, or mostly Bryan, but honestly, it was all three of them, through and through.

I’m floored and blown away by how Sami has changed since his heel turn. Honestly, it reminds me of Orton’s first heel turn. He changed his pose just slightly, but it was enough to show just how much he changed as a heel. Sami’s dancing has changed so slightly, but now his dancing is kind of mocking his dancing, and it’s perfect. I wasn’t sure he could pull it off, but he’s amazing! (And no, the crowns are not a typo, I’m serious about the rating for this segment, it was THAT DAMN GOOD!)


Women Work It Hard   

That was a really strong tag match. All the women showed off their skills (or lack thereof), as well as debuting new ring gear. Not sure how I feel about Naomi’s gear, but her hair looked great. Lana’s ring gear looked great, but her hair was a bit odd. Okay, I’ll get off the girly stuff and into the wrestling, which, as always, was stellar from everyone but Lana. She really doesn’t have what it takes to hang with the rest of the women on SD, or Raw. I would love to see Tamina work the ring more, now that she’s back, but she’s not getting the time she needs to get over with the fans. I actually want more Tamina with Lana, because that was starting to work really well. Then again, just as something starts to work is when McMahon pulls the plug. I have a serious lack of patience, but not everyone is as bad as the Yeti if the don’t catch on the first moments of a new idea! Lastly, I love that the Harts and Flairs are feuding again. It’s a blast to see as both Nattie and Charlotte are downright fantastic!


Bryan Sticks It To Canadians   

Bryan is so great as SD GM, though it must be hard to not be in the middle of everything as it happens. To not be able to get in the ring and bump with the best of them, and the best of them being KO and Sami. Heck, I would love to see a huge feud between Bryan and AJ! There are so many things I wish Bryan could do these days, as I’m sure it hurts him to the core to not be able to do it himself, but it is what it is.


Tarantino Much?   

Not the best Fashion Files, but at least they told us they were giving us an FF and actually did it. Though, I have to ask why it’s always Breeze who dresses in drag?


US Open?   

Corbin is getting better on mic, and is becoming more believable, but the ref isn’t. Sin Cara broke the count by leaving the ring, and then returning but the ref counted Corbin out. That’s sloppy booking, in my opinion. And pushing Sin Cara to win, in such a lame way, over Corbin bothered me. I know Corbin needs another feud, but Sin Cara has been nothing but a jobber, for years, even though he’s so much better than that and better than Glass Jaw Sin Cara was.


Gable & Benjamin Are Tough?  

Gable and Benjamin basically punking out the Usos were very strange to see, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The Usos are coming off pretty well on mic, even though they’re not a good as we’ve seen them actually talking on Total Divas and Ride Along.


Modern Day Jobber   

What’s up with his bending/bouncing as he talks? He looks down at the mat as he talks, which means he either hasn’t been trained very well as a public speaker, or he’s trying something stylistically that isn’t working. Further, it doesn’t matter if he’s the WWE Champion if, like the fans chanted, he really can’t wrestle. I can’t wait for the India tour to be over so they will get the strap off him!

Honestly, I know that they’re setting up this match between Mahal and BL so that neither of them has to defend at Survivor Series, but as a diehard fan, that’s total bullshit! So disgusted with both of them as top Champions on their shows, because neither of them represents in any way, and neither defend their championships the way they should. I’m so put out by the WWE for so many things right now, but these two guys are at the top of my list!


Roode Could Give Flair Robe Entrance Lessons  

I have to admit that I stole the above comment from my daughter Ellie. But I completely agree with her. Roode is one of the greatest wrestling entertainers of all time. Roode really has everything needed to be the top guy in the WWE and should have jumped ship from TNA years ago. I know I’ve said it before, but Roode with Trip, as they’re similar in so many ways, would have been beautiful to watch. Roode working with Ziggler isn’t half as good as working with Trip, but it is getting better. I love that Ziggler used Roode’s trunks to win the match right after accusing Roode of not being able to win without pulling HIS tights.


It’s Rusev Day   

I’d rather have New Day, though English singing is always great. Yes, I love his voice, even if his ego is annoying. I’m thrilled that they’ve been matched up, and hope it helps them both, even though it’s not helped enough off the blocks.


Main Event   

Well, that was a solid main event. I really enjoyed this match and loved watching Sami as the good guy who really isn’t any longer. He really is killing it and killed it in this match. I’ve loved Sami since El Generico in ROH, so this is great to see. So much greatness, and even better that he got the pinfall in this match because he so deserved it!


Timing Issues?   

That was a really screwy ending! I truly think they royally screwed up the timing of SD this week. I thought it was odd that Bryan got in their faces right after their match, but that was backstage. That they came back out and started talking smack to Nakamura and Orton made me start. Then, the looks on their (Orton and Nakamura) was of sheer confusion. The way the camera was watching them, I thought Orton was going to clobber Nakamura and turn full on heel, so when they came out and got mouthy, it threw me for a loop and came off as if someone screwed up timewise.

It’s Over

Wow, what an episode of SD! The highs and lows were astounding! Sami, KO and Bryan made my night, and I cannot wait to see what will happen next with them! Beyond that, Mahal sucks and needs to go the hell away!

Queen KB