The Imperial Chronicles: WWE Signs It’s First Female Indian Athlete

Her name is Kavita Devi, she’s 34 years-old, and she’s ready to take names in the WWE.  She began her athletic career as a gold medal award-winning weightlifter in the South Asian Games representing India.  She began training with and wrestling for Continental Wrestling Entertainment in 2016 – headquartered in Punjab, India and she’s trained by none other than The Great Khali.  She appeared in the “Mae Young Classic”, though she was defeated in the first round.  She clearly impressed sufficiently so just nine days ago, she signed a contract with the WWE to begin training at the Performance Center beginning in January of 2018.   This is definitely momentous and we can’t wait to see what she has to offer!  Here’s a video introducing her.  Check out the theme she comes out to:

BBC Report on Kavita Devi