205 Live – The Pickup: Are Wolves Concerned with the Opinions of Sheep?

So last we left Enzo, he’d lost the Cruiserweight Championship to Kalisto.  He was of course despondent and swore he’d get it back.  At TLC, he did just that.  Why they took the title off of Enzo is entirely beyond me.  As I’ve said here before, if you’re gonna get heat on someone, they have to prove over time that they deserve it.  Heat can’t vanish.  Now that he’s got it back, he can really make it hurt.

Better yet, others are stepping up nicely too.  Cedric has found an edge and it really suits him.  He showed even more this week.  Gallagher is a fantastic “holier than thou” heel so it’s nice to know that he can really do it all.  As soon as “face Gallagher” began to go stale, they turned him.  Perfect timing!  Drew Gulak is stepping up nicely too with his “Make 205 Live Great Again” campaign.  In short, things are looking up across the board and that trend continued on this episode.

Let’s get this week’s edition of “The Pickup” started, shall we?

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Noam Dar & Tony Neese

Rich has completely lost what edge he had as a character.  His enthusiasm has become utterly forced and I no longer believe a word he says.  What a far cry from the way he was when he first showed up and it’s miles away from the guy he was on the indies.  Cedric, on the other hand, began as rather vanilla but has really found his edge lately.  Noam is another one who’s lost his edge.  When Alicia FOOOOOOOOOOOOX left, he no longer had anyone to play with and he’s become completely boring.  Tony has simply never been over since he debuted.  He was trying to generate heat when he came down the ramp and no one cared.  When he’s on the screen, I literally couldn’t care less about him.

The match itself was VERY good.  ‘Course, with “205 Live”, one never has to worry about a bad match.  This one was, by “205 Live” standards, pretty darned good!  Cedric is particularly impactful and his “Lumbar Check” always looks stellar.  He’s basically finally turning into who he was on the indies and I always liked that guy.

On the ramp after the match:  Gallagher/Kendrick

This is it’s own thing so I had to split it off.  I saw Gallagher and Kendrick at the top of the ramp and I knew we’d start having even more fun.  Gallagher is so completely smarmy as a heel and it works perfectly.  Kendrick has become even more fun now that he has a buddy.  Throughout Gallagher and Kendrick’s speech about how Cedric has discovered cruelty and how he was was wasting his time with Swann, Cedric continued to deliver stellar reactions to everything they said.  Swann just stood there and gave very little – a step above Brock Lesnar in the “reaction” department.  His lack of reaction took this down a crown too, sadly.  Swann needs to find his edge again.  He has it in him.  His work on the indies proves it.

As an aside, I smell a Cedric heel turn at some point.  Of course, you can’t just turn everyone heel but I think this could be interesting if they do it right.  A feud with Swann might be just the thing to fix what’s currently ailing him.

In ring segment:  Drew Gulak

It is physically impossible to give any more than Drew gives week after week.  He’s really putting his all into the “Make 205 Live Great Again” gimmick and it’s beginning to work.  He really “heels it up” well.  His “restart” of the “POWERPOINT PRESENTATION” was heelish and brilliant!

Drew Gulak vs. Gran Metalik

As always, a very good match.  I love Gulak getting all “Bill Watts” on his opponents during his matches – refusing to let them fly even a little bit.  Metalik’s rope walk to dropkick is just gorgeous to watch.  A really nice Dragon Sleeper closes the match.  Tozawa’s interference with Gulak’s desire to destroy Metalik’s leg continues what could be a very interesting feud going forward.

Interview – Kalisto

Dasha interviews Kalisto and the results are what you think they’d be:  over-scripted and not believable.  It worked, I guess, but that’s really all I can say for it.

In ring segment:  Enzo Amore & Ariya Daivari

As we come to this week, it, of course, begins with Enzo.  Since he can’t speak (his voice was toast for “TLC” and it still is here), Ariya Daivari did the talking for him here…and he did it really well!  I’ve honestly never seen Ariya this alive and fun before.  The wardrobe was incredible of course (very Enzo-inspired) but he really got over well here.  Ariya’s take on Enzo’s dance was absolutely perfect too!  Of course, Enzo couldn’t just stand there so he was responsive and danced around as only “heel Enzo” can. Enzo’s gifts are almost all on the mic so that he can’t speak hurts him greatly.  Still, Daivari did all one can do to pick up that slack and it worked well.

Enzo Amore (c) vs. Kalisto

The story was very well-told here.  Kalisto is, of course, a fantastic worker so he always does his part.  Enzo makes a great heel as he can hide his relative lack of skill with heel tactics.  The windmill driver on the ring apron by Kalisto was just inspired!  Enzo kicking the ref to force to disqualification was perfection.  It makes Enzo look even slimier and it saves the title.  Gotta make that heat hurt and Enzo is going about it perfectly.

Yet another enjoyable episode of “205 Live”.  I know how odd that looks but it’s true.  If you haven’t watched it in a while, I highly recommend giving it another shot.  Some of the workers have some direction now, the storylines are better, and the workers themselves are stepping up nicely.  Lastly, we have Enzo.  Regardless of what anyone else thinks, he has charisma for years and he’s just so much to watch – even if he can’t talk.  When he gets his voice back, will anyone be able to shut him up?  Stay tune for next week’s “205 Live” and “The Pickup”!