King Of The Ring Could Return As A Weekly Show In the UK

If things work out the way WWE is hoping, then they will have a new weekly television show in the United Kingdom in 2018. There were plans to launch the show earlier this year on the WWE Network but that was delayed, and now they are looking at a deal that would pay them. The other reason why the UK TV show has been delayed is that the pilot taping from March cost the company a lot of money. A TV deal outside of the WWE Network would offset those costs and bring in additional revenue.

The working title of the show is “WWE King of the Ring, ” and it has been pitched to iTV and other networks. If they can get the deal with iTV, then it would be a huge deal for them because the station reaches most of the country like NBC, for example, does in the United States.

iTV was looking at bringing World Of Sport back with a 10-week commitment, and Anthem Sports was on board to produce the show, but costs became an issue. iTV is still open to airing wrestling on their network so it would make sense for them to do business with WWE. If a deal is signed, I would think that WWE would want more than just a 10-week commitment.

Authors Take: Personally, I think iTV would be better served to put one of the thriving independent promotions that call the UK home on their network. It would probably cost less than paying Anthem to establish a new promotion with a familiar name or pay WWE’s insane TV rights fees!