The Royal Flush: The B In Bros Is Silent

It really seems as though the WWE has pulled themselves back into shape and are actually working for the fans again. From HIAC things have been so much better. HIAC seemed like an anomaly at first, now it seems as though it was a turning point for the WWE, which is something they needed to do with NJPW and ROH sneaking up on them. Hopefully, things will continue in this way, because it’s so much better than it was for so long.


Blue vs Blue

Shane was great talking about Angle and how he suckered him in on Raw and made a stand for Survivor Series, but when Sami came out he flipped the script, sorta. Shane has this lovely ability to be a pissy face or an approachable heel, but usually the former. I’m only into 2000 in my watching, but Shane was heel more often than not early on. He’s really good at it, in some ways better than his father, and sometimes better than Steph, and that’s saying something.

I love the chemistry between Shane and Sami, to the point that I hope this is Shane’s next feud. I know a lot of people don’t like Shane taking a spot from a superstar on the roster, but he’s really great in the ring as well as on mic, and he’s so yum! He works so few matches but isn’t really a part-time wrestler like Lesnar who cannot do anything when he actually shows up. Shane is a hard worker who gives his all to SD and works a couple matches a year. He’s great at it, so I see no issue with it.


Face vs Faceish?

From that bit of video, we saw last week, we can see that Gable has so much more charisma than his former partner does. I think they screwed up by pushing Jordan as a singles competitor while having Gable needing to carry Benjamin on mic! Hey, we all know that Benjamin isn’t good on mic, so don’t cast shade for my calling a spade a spade.

What the heck was Big E doing feeding Xavier Bootie-Os from his snigglet? Yes, I know it’s singlet, but hubby couldn’t get the word out correctly the other day and I cannot say it correctly now! But that’s not the point! What the heck was up with Big E there? Not saying that being in Big E’s snigglet is a bad thing, but eating cereal from there after he’s all sweaty (or oiled up) might be a bit much!

I’ve been criticizing Jordan lately (The Afterglow: TLC) for being sloppy in the ring, and I have to say I’ve seen a bit of sloppiness from Gable here as well. No clue what that’s about as I’ve only heard greatness about them, but haven’t seen it from them.


D-Bry vs Women

Bryan is fantastic in his segments with the female superstars. I was worried when Bliss left that their chemistry would go with her, but he’s great with all of them. In fact, in that way, he reminds me of Foley. Foley was always hanging with the Divas and got along with them wonderfully.


Fashion Files vs Ellsworth’s Skundies

I just threw up a little in my mouth. Those skundies were disgusting, but obviously made disgusting for the segment, but just the thought of Ellsworth’s skundies made me gag. The rest of the segment was great. Actually, I think Ascension has done an amazing job with the Fashion Files, and have actually found a niche I never thought possible for them. Now it’s time to carry all the craziness of Breezango and Ascension to the ring and have the become a face/comedy faction that shows off more than just their acting skills.


Bryan vs Shane

Interesting to see the crankiness between them. I guess Shane might be making a bit of a heel turn? Not sure how that works with his feud with Sami (unless Sami is going to be feuding with Orton), but we shall see. Actually, Sami and Orton feuding could be a great thing for both of them! I want to see this!


Corbin vs Cara

Corbin lost to Sin Cara last week? Where was I? Did I write about it in TRF? I went and looked, and yes, I even wrote about how Corbin shouldn’t be feuding with Sin Cara. I guess that shows how memorable their match was last week. I have to wonder if I’m going to remember this match when we go into SD next week.


AJ vs Singh

It was short and to the point. From everything I’ve heard, the Singhs should really get away from Mahal and really show the fans their ring work. I’ve heard that the ring work of one of them is really great and the other can hold his own. Honestly, I think they’d be a great start to a Tag Division in the 205 Division. It could be really great for them, and 205! Also be nice to get the strap off Mahal when they turn on him and walk away – PLEASE!


5 vs Each Other

What is it with the WWE and their Fatal Five Way matches lately? It’s almost ridiculous how many they have put on this year, especially with the women! That being said, I love that Becky Lynch won this match and is SD’s Women’s Team Captain going into Survivor Series. Actually, I’d have loved to see Tamina become the captain because it’s more than time she’s really pushed, but having a heel leading both teams could be bad. Interesting, but bad.


Steampunk vs Thor’s Hammer

Still loving Rowan and Harper and their new incarnation. They make me giddy!


Ziggler vs The People

I actually wrote the title of this segment before Ziggler mocked The Rock. One of those nights! I love how Ziggler keeps going on this path. But then there’s Roode who is magic. That man should be allowed to work off-script because he so obviously knows how to work the mic, we’ve seen him do it for years, but he stumbled a bit here and completely forgot what he was saying last week. Guys like Roode should be given a pass to work off-script, because they’re so much better that way, and reliable!


Sami vs Orty

I really think Sami needed to win this match, but I’ve felt that way about a lot of questionable outcomes – Kane over Balor! But it was KO’s interference that cost Sami the match, which could make things much more interesting. Yes, this keeps Sami out of the Traditional Survivor Series Brand Elimination Match, but the way it happened looked bad for Sami. I’m not one to say that someone is getting buried when they lose one match, but I do have to question booking, it’s my job. Cannot wait to see where they go from here!


SD vs Raw?

So, Raw didn’t attack this episode of SD, which we’d been waiting for all night, but I think that’s a good thing. The WWE is actually starting to make us think about what they’re doing and why something they haven’t done much over the past couple years. Actually, the WWE had changed from the fans wondering what they might be doing/planning and then becoming disgusted because the decisions haven’t made a lot of sense – Mahal and Lesnar as the top Champions, even though one is a jobber and the other cannot be bothered to actually show up and work a match that isn’t one-sided – to the fans, to craziness that leaves us with more questions than answers, but in a great way.


SD vs The World!

I’m thrilled that SD garnered better ratings than the third hour of Raw. I’m all for SD kicking ass and taking names, especially since three hours of Raw is just too much for all involved, except for the people making money off it.

I have to thank everyone for joining us here at WR. We are very proud of the work we are doing here, and we wouldn’t be doing it if not for you. If there’s anything you think that we are missing, please let us know. If we don’t know, we cannot work on it.

Queen KB