New WWE PC Signee Lio Rush Jokes About Emma’s Release – Workers Respond

For whatever reason, Lio thought it would be a good idea to make a quick joke about Emma’s dismissal.  Here’s the tweet he has since deleted (Taz convinced him to remove it), along with Peyton Royce’s response:

So far so bad.  Taz then suggested he remove it:

He then issued this apology:

It kinda didn’t go over.  Have a read:

These are just some of the responses.  We’ll keep an eye on them and if any of them diverge from this general theme, we’ll add them.

Botch Take:  He was likely just trying to be flippant and cute but this was a bad idea.  He then made things worse by apologizing that what he said was taken wrong – essentially putting the blame elsewhere and not taking responsibility for what he said.  The wording throughout is also rather arrogant.  He’s brand new to the PC and this definitely NOT a good way to work your way up the ladder.  I’m a fan of his and have been for a while but if he’s not careful, he’ll end up residing in the doghouse.

  • 1molly23

    That was a very bad idea from an up-and-comer, it’s not funny when someone loses their job. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! In an industry that runs on “contracts” loss of one’s means of financial support is even shakier than employment by will.

    • “All The Heel” Myrtle Jacobs

      I disagree that it shouldn’t be used. If this was another heel diva in gimmick, I’d say that kind of statment is acceptable. That’s the problem. No Kayfabe. I miss Kayfabe.

  • Asukalanchian

    I understood the matter of his joke and while it was funny it simply is one of those things to chuckle to yourself and don’t say out loud.

  • “All The Heel” Myrtle Jacobs

    If this was Peyton Royce or another heel from the women’s locker room, I’d support this kind of statement. It’s kayfabe, baby. However… Lio had no place touching that at all. It doesn’t further his gimmick and brings a lot of heat. If management doesn’t get to Lio first, the locker room is going to get to him.

    • It was more his timing than anything else. I love good “heeling” but he hasn’t been positioned as such and then he did it too fast. Timing is absolutely everything and he seemingly has no sense of it.

      • “All The Heel” Myrtle Jacobs

        No doubt. Timing and position are everything. I don’t doubt he meant ill intentions. It just came off as tasteless and imature.