New WWE PC Signee Lio Rush Jokes About Emma’s Release – Workers Respond

For whatever reason, Lio thought it would be a good idea to make a quick joke about Emma’s dismissal.  Here’s the tweet he has since deleted (Taz convinced him to remove it), along with Peyton Royce’s response:

So far so bad.  Taz then suggested he remove it:

He then issued this apology:

It kinda didn’t go over.  Have a read:

These are just some of the responses.  We’ll keep an eye on them and if any of them diverge from this general theme, we’ll add them.

Botch Take:  He was likely just trying to be flippant and cute but this was a bad idea.  He then made things worse by apologizing that what he said was taken wrong – essentially putting the blame elsewhere and not taking responsibility for what he said.  The wording throughout is also rather arrogant.  He’s brand new to the PC and this definitely NOT a good way to work your way up the ladder.  I’m a fan of his and have been for a while but if he’s not careful, he’ll end up residing in the doghouse.