Impact Tries to Mend Fences with Kazuchika Okada

For those who don’t remember, Kazuchika Okada was used by the formerly-named TNA from 2010-2011.  During his time there, he was used particularly poorly (mostly on their b-level “TNA Explosion” show) and this was one of the major reasons NJPW ended their relationship with TNA.  Scott D’Amore and Ed Nordhold of Impact (as TNA is now named) recently reached out to Okada to apologize at a Pro Wrestling NOAH event held a few weeks ago.  Since their treatment of him specifically is at the heart of why NJPW won’t work with them, it behooved them to do it.

NJPW is largely focused on their working relationship with ROH so it’s unknown what effect this apology could have at this point.

  • “Simply Villainous” Myrtle

    Seriously. Can Impact just die already? I remember wondering if Ric Flair was ever going to retire back in 2010 until he finally did in 2012. There just comes a time in wrestling where things need to be put out to pasture. Impact is one of those things.