Hello, kids.  It’s the man full of Botchitude once again to bring you the latest and greatest in NXT action.  Sit back and enjoy!

First of all, I have to speak about the commentators.  I know Mauro is well-vetted and loved by almost everyone but he’s always left me cold.  His delivery is very old school and, while it was my thing in the ’80s, it really isn’t anymore.  I believe the commentators, specifically on NXT, should be newer and fresher.  Nigel isn’t really working for me either.  He’s okay but that’s about it.  Percy could be good if he’d talk more.  Corey Graves he ain’t – that’s for sure – as he hasn’t caught on as quickly as I wanted him to.  He’s one I root for and I wish he’d just talk more.  When he does talk, he comes off very well.


Taynara Conti vs. Nikki Cross

Nikki does “crazy female” extremely well.  She also sells very well.  Given how much experience she has, she also works the ring VERY well too.  The Swinging Fisherman Neckbreaker was also a very nice touch for the win.  Of course, Conti had no chance.  This match did the job it was supposed to do.  Honorable mention to that twisted theme. CFO$ are KILLIN’ the theme game!


Fabien Aichner vs. Johnny Gargano

Very well-worked match. Johnny is so crispy that he’s just a pleasure to watch but Fabien was right there with him. His powerbomb on Gargano looked well-executed but completely vicious. Aichner took the surprise victory and it was well-deserved. Gargano sold the surprise perfectly.


Backstage – Mercedes Martinez

Sorry, but she gets the skull.  Her promo was pretty stilted, to be honest.  I didn’t believe a word she said.  She’s got work to do on the mic for sure.


Street Profits w/ Riddick Moss & Tino Sabatelli segment

I really want Angelo and Montez to succeed.  Montez just lights up the screen when he’s on it and Angelo does too.  They’re both just so completely COOL!  Riddick and Tino are both pretty vanilla and I’m not into them much at all but I’m happy to give them a chance.  This was pretty good but the Street Profits carried this one.


Drew McIntyre/Andrade Cien Almas segment

That attack was wonderful!  It had to happen and I’m glad it did.  Almas upped his viciousness game and it worked well.  I now want to see them in the ring together.  This is gonna be good!


Peyton Royce/Billie Kay segment

These two make EPIC mean girls.  The title of this installment comes from their characterization of Kairi Sane.  I.  Was.  Dead.  Kairi then appeared and menaced nicely.  Very nice segment for it’s short length.



Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young were the members of SAnitY that wrestled this one and, of course, they did beautifully.  The Authors of Pain are becoming more themselves after having endured Road Warriors comparisons for most of their time thus far.  I dearly love Paul Ellering and love seeing him back on TV.  He’s a very credible mouthpiece and he makes them more credible just by being there.  I’m rooting for Young because of how badly he was treated elsewhere and he’s really KILLING it.  This match was a very well-told story.  I’m relieve to see that the AOP are delivering the Super Collider more safely than they used to.  The Undisputed Era came out and ruined the party, of course, and I loved it.  They’re trying to make the relentlessly-boring Roderick Strong into something again and this might be the way to do it.  The triple-threat match in double-ringed cage War Games match is BRILLIANCE.  Regal said it had been 20 years and I’m pretty sure he’s right.

NXT rarely gets it wrong these days and this was another episode in which everything went right.  I always enjoy watching and I don’t miss it.  You really shouldn’t either.  If you haven’t given it a look in a while, try it out.  You won’t be disappointed.