Candy Corn Kendo Sticks!!!!

Hey, kids!  It’s the Botchtacious one, yet again inviting you on a very “205 Live” journey.  Let’s get started, shall we?

In-ring segment – Drew Gulak

“Where my ghouls at”??  I am dead!  Drew is money on the mic and he just keeps getting better and better.  His “Powerpoint Presentation for a Better Halloween” was also a blast.  He NAILS the hoity-toity thing better than just about anyone.


Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak

Akira has an axe to grind so this was gonna be good.  Of course, every match that’s ever been in “205 Live” is well-worked and this was no different.  We see WAAAAAAY too much #dive but Tozawa has one of the prettier ones.  He continues to tell the story of the swollen vocal cords, too, so that’s a nice touch.


Backstage – Rich Swann/Cedric Alexander

This was bad “Saved by the Bell” nonsense.  I don’t care about it enough to type more.


“The” Brian Kendrick (w/ Jack Gallagher) vs. Rich Swann (w/ Cedric Alexander)

Of course, Rich and Cedric came out dressed as clowns.  That’s more charisma than Swann has shown in ages.  He wrestled with the costume on too and it really seemed to set him free and give him license to be more fun than he’s been in recent memory.  He was funny and interesting with it on.  Kendrick grabbing the giant glove and having it come off of Swann’s hand was high-larious!  ‘Course, Swann is always crispy in the ring and this was no exception.  Kendrick’s Butterfly Superplex was a thing of beauty.  The super kick is another move that’s seriously overused and we got a bunch of them here too.

Of course, the premise is that Cedric is too good for Rich and, IMHO, they’ll be embroiled in a feud with each other sooner than later.


In-ring – Ariya Davari

He heeled it up fairly nicely but it was all fairly charisma-free.  He seemed to be TRYING to be heel, not actually doing it.  Not terrible but not terribly noteworthy either.


FRIGHT NIGHT FATAL 4-WAY – Gran Metalik vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Ariya Davari vs. Tony Nese

They did a similar thing on “Raw” the night before and I had no desire to see it again.  Still, we got it…and it wasn’t bad.  The gimmick even added a little something.  Seeing Mustafa offering all of them candy.  Mustafa and Metalik’s athleticism is pretty breath-taking and we saw it here.  Watching the ref moving pumpkin guts out of the way was fun too.  The three-man Sunset Powerbomb was really pretty too.  Completely odd match.  In spite of everything, it was STILL well-worked.  LOL!!


I really thought I was going to HATE that last match but I didn’t.  It was fun and the work was good (of course).  It is strange to see an episode of “205 Live” without Enzo, though.  Stranger still is that the whole thing worked without him.  Will next week be the one that Cedric turns on Rich?  Will Tony Nese find joy in sugar?  Will Gran Metalik shave the goatee we now know he has under that mask?  One of these questions MIGHT be answered next week on “205 Live”.