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So I’ve been complaining for a couple years now about the WWE doesn’t give us any championship matches, other than the CW, on WWE TV, and it’s not cool, and then this week they give us three championship matches and two titles changing hands in one week. Not just that, but it’s a week that I get to write about both major shows! I’m absolutely giddy over it. This is what the WWE has been missing for a long time, even before they strapped two completely ineffectual wrestlers. As I said previously, I’ve been working on a series of articles about what the WWE could learn from ECW. I’m trying to get the majority of the articles written before I start posting, just so there isn’t a lot of time between articles.

All in all, I think it’s been a great week for wrestling, and that’s coming off solid PPVs, heading into Survivor Series, and so much going on here at WR. The world of wrestling is so great right now!


Gray Leather Blazer?

It’s not the black leather Steph wears when she’s going uber-heel, but dang he looks fine! Shane dancing with New Day was totally yum, and I completely appreciate it. Further, all due respect to Sami, Shane is very cool, and not just for his age. Not saying I like the diving he’s done over the past couple years – HIAC, helicopter, HIAC again – but he’s still very cool.

Sami really is a fantastic heel. There were so many questions about his abilities to be a heel not under a hood, but when he started in NXT there were questions about him being able to sell at all without a hood, and we know what he did there!

New Day really splattered Sami and KO all over the stage, verbally. Actually, the banter between the heels and faces was great, and I’m thrilled that KO left most of the talking to Sami. It would be easier to let the known take the mic and run with it, but they’re letting Sami prove his heel, and it’s working better than I thought possible. This was such a great segment for all involved.


Ginger vs Piggy-Tails!

Playing drums on Kofi’s chest? Kofi following it up with his own drumming on his own chest, and that facial expression, really made it a funny moment. Even funnier was KO with his head in his hands on the apron as Kofi twerked. Even though KO and Sami are cranky heels, they’ve really done a great job of helping New Day continue the humor while giving us a solid match. Kofi might not be the top guy we thought he was going to be much earlier in his career, but he’s absolutely found his niche in New Day, and it’s so much more than just the spots he hits in the Royal Rumble Match. I was a bit shocked that Kofi won this one, but I completely agree with it, at this point in the storylines.


Someone Please Mahal Him Away!

Renee talking to The Shield on Raw was great, and garnered a great grade, as much for her as for Rollins and Ambrose. But Renee talking to Mahal was painful. No clue who came up with the screwy metaphor that fell completely flat in Mahal’s delivery, but they should know better than try to make Mahal look at all intelligent because the man just cannot deliver! He cannot deliver in anything he’s done within the WWE, and strapping him was in the top ten daftest things the WWE has ever done. Now to figure out the other nine…Sandow’s release is right up there, I’ll come up with the rest of an article to be written not during NaNoWriMo. What I am getting to is that Renee shouldn’t be penalized for this grade, because it’s not her, it’s me…No, wait, it’s completely Mahal!


Not Every Day Is Rusev Day

Rusev looked really strong off the blocks here! I really enjoyed this match because it was hard hitting and both looked strong until that RKO. Now, I think Rusev should have won, but I can look at the roster objectively and see where everyone losing to Orton isn’t a good thing for anyone they want to build in any way.


It’s All A Farce!

Ellsworth is going to get his chin handed to him in the ring after all his smack talk to Becky. I hope she destroys him!


Playboy Buddy Rose vs Ginger

Actually, I was impressed with the back and forth between them! They went back and forth, and Becky covered for Ellsworth’s mistakes quite well. Talk about ring rust, but he’s been Carmella’s toadie for so long that he’s not been working the ring at all. Though I’m not sure that his physique was any better when he was working the ring regularly!

I have to thank Joshua for the title for this segment. I have tried to change things up here on WR, but something will never change, and that’s my love of all our readers and commenters.


Battle of The Blondes?

I love Nattie’s cat ears! I wore cat ears for a good five years, well before it was cool, but I’d wear those ears in a heartbeat. You think Nattie is a crazy cat lady? I have six cats! Five of them are because of my son Max, the one who no longer lives here, but we still have all the cats and love them dearly. That being said, I’d love to see Charlotte face Bliss at Survivor Series.


Count Out?

Only a half hour left of SD and they’re only now getting to the first Championship match? I have an issue with that, but I also have an issue with the crappier show being longer than the show with actual wrestling! Yes, I know a big part of why SD is so much better is because they’re not trying to fill time, but they still would have been better if Raw had only been two hours when SD Live started.

All my crankiness about the way this match ended, I went back and looked, and while I didn’t see anyone throw the X, I have to wonder if the match ended in a different way from how it was originally booked. I have to wonder if there was an injury and the Usos wanting to race Cesaro and Sheamus might not happen because of possible injury. I’ve not seen anything about it posted anywhere, but I’ve also been busy working the back end of the site and getting my other small business up and running. I guess we will have to wait and see together!


Straight Up Phenomenal

How can AJ reiterate what Mahal said and make it work that much better? Oh, yeah, it’s because AJ is a top tier superstar and has been since he first held gold in TNA. I’m not biased, AJ has been that good for as long as I remember, and he deserves to be WWE Champion a heck of a lot more than Mahal ever has!

Mahal stands like an action figure, which I stated in the DD during SD. CJ came back with, “Wrestles about as good as one too.” That was followed by Myrtle’s, “Personality is definitely as bland as one.” Sometimes I catch crap for my dislike of a superstar. I went through it for years with ADR before almost everyone caught up with me and started to agree that he was useless in the WWE, and as a human being. People didn’t agree with my feelings about Mahal until he was brought back to the WWE and pushed to an all-time stupid level.

Mahal hit a couple of dangerous and downright stupid moves on AJ. If someone didn’t rip Mahal a new one backstage after this match, then everyone involved should be slapped down and fined for it. The way he swung AJ’s leg, sending him slamming down to the mat was not cool, and the look on AJ’s face said it all. That man shouldn’t have been brought back into the WWE, and absolutely shouldn’t have been pushed to be WWE WHC. The whole thing is a travesty and a kick in the slats to anyone who has ever held the Championship and anyone who ever will hold the Championship. Just because he stopped drinking and did something to put on all the muscle he did before returning. Not saying he did anything wrong to get the muscle, but he sure has been losing some of his time as Champion goes on. His pecs just are not what they used to be. He also doesn’t have that porcine, waterlogged look of a juicer, but science has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Please remember that this is my own opinion, but I truly have to wonder what other huge changes Mahal made, other than stop drinking, to get the body he returned with.

This was beautiful, and I’m truly shocked that AJ won. I’ve since heard rumor that Lesnar didn’t want to face Mahal, and that’s why they strapped AJ. I really wanted to see BL Mahal in the ring at Survivor Series, and I’m not thrilled that BL has that much pull in the WWE, especially considering how little he cares about the WWE.

Final Flush

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