“There They Are…A Vegan Nightmare…Banned from Every Korean BBQ in the Orlando Area”

Hello, friends!  It is I, the Botchtating one here to bring you another exciting episode of NXT!  Let’s dive in!


Heavy Machinery vs. Sean Maluta & Chris Payne

Dozer did THE WORM!  I CANNOT!  Both Sean and Chris were pinned together.  Decent big man match as both of them can move!  This was more fun to watch than I was expecting.


Backstage – Ember Moon

Short but sweet.  She said her lines and that was it.  It did it’s job.


Kairi Sane vs. Billie Kay

The pirate vs. the Mean Girl!  Mean Girl also has strength!  She held Kairi up there in the torture rack for quite a while and didn’t flinch while doing it.  Peyton, of course, got involved during this one but she was easily neutralized.  That elbow tho!  She calls it “The Insane Elbow” and it looks particularly vicious.  I like Kairi.  She has the same interesting charisma that Nakamura and Asuka, though it manifests itself more quietly.


Backstage:  Kassius Ohno and William Regal

Kassius is very confident and has such an easy way about him.  Backstage segments are elementary for him and this was no different.  It was perfectly done.  It was short but completely effective and I totally bought it.  I’m into watching Lars and him now.


Starrcade Promo

They’re really trying to sell the authenticity of this.  Goldust and Arn were heavily featured in this promo.  I DIG this!  They’ve got all the parts in this to create an incredible confrontation and I am ALL about it.


Aside…Percy is talking a lot more tonight…and I really like it!  He may just get the hang of this yet!


Backstage:  Zelina Vega and Andrade Cien Almas

CJ and I were talking earlier and he referred to her as “pure money” and that  “she saved Cien”.  I couldn’t agree with him more.  She is absolutely golden.  Her confidence and poise is just spectacular.  She is taking NO mess from anyone and she just drips sarcasm and intensity.  He is selling this feud with Drew McIntyre all by herself.


Velveteen Dream vs. Cezar Bononi

Velveteen is a beast in the ring.  He’s so crispy in there.  When the bell rings, he just goes!  I also absolutely LOVE his finisher!  Cezar was just there to sell and do the job.  He did both as well as was needed.


Backstage – Ruby Riot and Sonya DeVille

Oooh, tension….like major tension!  Sonia and Ruby created real tension and it looked great!  While Sonia is indicting Ruby, she continued to react.  Both of them did.  This, kids, is how you do a backstage confrontation!


Backstage:  Street Profits w/ Tino Sabbateli and Riddick Moss

I’m so glad these two are taking off!…and they’re taking Tino and Riddick with them!  Nice fun segment.  Montez is a charisma magnet.  He just looks so easy and comfortable.  Angelo has finally found his niche too and he’s breaking out nicely.  Both have some excellent comic timing.  Tino heeled nicely and Riddick too.  Nothing to complain about here.


Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole

Of course, these two can go for days so this was a great match.  That buckle thing from the top rope (don’t know what to call it) was BANANAS!!!!!  There’s no way that didn’t hurt them both to some degree.  Of course, the match was going to go screwy at the end and it did so beautifully.  All three teams in the War Games showed up to beat each other down.  Strong suplexed Cole ONTO EVERYONE outside the ring!!!  Great spot!!  Nice way to end what was a pretty stellar show!