“What Type Of Truck Is Next?”

Look at it this way, first Strowman and Reigns worked the ambulance angle, and then Strowman and Miz/Kane worked the trash truck angle. So, what type of truck will Strowman be using to abuse, or be abused, next? Cement mixer? I know Austin used them a couple times, but what else is there?

Okay, onto Raw. I’m only stepping in this week to help out. I am grateful that everyone on the WR roster stepped up to help me last week when we were hit by a fairly violent storm and lost power for a couple days. Interesting to note, the last friends I know of just got their power back about two hours before Raw aired. It’s been a long week for many people up here, but things are starting to normalize again. As always, the great WR roster made everything look as seamless as it has since day one. I would never have tried this without the great group involved in WR. Please know that no one is getting paid anything, and we are doing this because we believe that we all deserve a safe place to hang out and discuss pro wrestling. It’s you guys who have joined us that have made the site such a success from day one, and we thank you for that. Yes, I’ll get over thanking everyone every week, but for now, please just bear with me.


Recap Vid 

Normally I’m hugely against recap videos like this, but as I’ve not had the time to watch Raw, or SD, from last week, I’m thrilled with this video. Also, I heard Raw last week sucked and it was probably a good thing I didn’t have power because I would have been a totally cranky queen.


Miz TV 

Miz really is great at what he does and has made him winning the WWE WHC way too early, beating Cena at WrestleMania, actually worthwhile. For many years Miz was that reality star who got pushed too hard, too fast. But these past couple years Miz has more than proven himself, and would be a MUCH better WWE Champion, or Universal Champion than either Mahal or Lesnar. Actually, he’s better than them combined and much more deserving of being Champion.

I knew I missed Steph last week, but I didn’t realize what an uber bitch Steph was! I guess I have to Hulu up and watch both Raw and SD from last week. Wait, Bryan got attacked? As I said, normally I get annoyed by too many, or too long recap videos, but this segment makes me WANT to watch Raw from last week, and that’s saying something HUGE! Yes, I know, I’m a hardcore wrestling fan, and I have been watching all of Raw, SD, and PPVs since the start of Raw, but you also know how I feel about the current product. If I’m this excited, then there had to be some great moments, if not all three hours. Ugh, three hours!

Oh, I like Angle being cranky at Miz, almost as much as I love Angle’s subtle brown and gray plaid suit jacket. I thought it was just brown until after he went wild on Miz, scared Miz, made Miz back-peddle, and the camera came in tight on Angle. I wouldn’t have thought two neutrals could work so well together on a simple, yet beautifully cut, suit jacket. Angle’s parting comment to Miz that he was scheduled to face Strowman later in the show just sealed this segment off perfectly.


Russo Special

I’m not against pole matches, what I am against is a gimmick match that’s poorly booked and executed. Elias deserves so much better than this feud with Jordan. Heck, anyone deserves a better feud than Jordan. Yes, possibly even Mahal, and we all know how I loathe that man! Anyway, Elias is so much better than this, and hopefully, he will be moving on sooner than later.


Bald & Ginger

I know why Cesaro has the mouth guard in, but it’s so hard to understand him with it in. I actually really enjoyed the banter in this segment, and it made all three look solid and determined heading for Survivor Series.


Asuka Destroys 

I’m not at all the typical soccer mom from Maine. I’ve dyed my hair since 6th grade, many wild colors, well before they were the norm. I have always marched to the beat of my own accordion, dressing to make myself happy, not anyone else. I was actually told at the end of my senior year of high school by this guy named Alan, that he hunted me down each day at school, just to see what I was wearing, and what I’d done with my hair and makeup. I’ve never been the same, and surely never been boring, and I think that’s why I liked Asuka as soon as I saw her. Between her hair (pink is my favorite color), and her ring gear, I was smitten.

Then I saw Asuka work the ring and smitten turned into true love. She really is the total package. She might not speak, but not all superstars need to speak. She exudes everything she needs through her body and facial expressions. More charisma than too many other superstars on the roster, and knows how to sell it. She’s as close to perfect as the WWE has seen in a long time, and that’s being said during the best women’s wrestling we’ve ever seen.


Bald & Charly

I thought O’Neil came off quite well here. Talking has never been his issue, and his look is great for being a top superstar, it’s just that he has been booked horribly and got in trouble for sheer stupidity on McMahon’s part. I love that he’s doing so well, but I don’t expect him to be pushed very hard at this point, and all stemming from that one incident on stage. I understand that every job has some politics of some sort, but McMahon took things too far to cover his ego.


So Much For O’Neil!

I feel like a complete fool writing what I did about O’Neil in the previous segment as I saw what Joe did to him well before they even got to the ring. That being said, Finn vs Joe? Please, and thank you!


Joe’s Gonna Kill You!

I’ve not seen their epic battles in NXT. I know I need to, but I’m a creature of habit. I have been watching so much in chronological order that I have troubles deviating from it. Further, NXT doesn’t start off as great as it became, so when I have started watching, I’ve not made it far. So, where should I start NXT? I’ll go back and watch the rest, but when did NXT really become the greatness I cannot miss?

That being said about NXT, these two gave away a PPV-level match for free on Raw. I complain that those things don’t happen very often, and that championship matches, for anything other than Women’s and CW Divisions. Not saying they should happen often, but it was a huge reason to tune in previously and would be a great way to draw in the fans, make them excited about watching the shows again. Then again, the Universal Champion would have to actually show up and do more than bounce while Heyman talks, and I don’t ever see that happening!

What a match! You have to see it to believe it! It’s one of THOSE matches, which of course, neither could win clean. Putting them both on Team Raw is screaming for implosion in a most beautiful way.


Monsters Aren’t Real!

I love Bo, and so glad he’s healthy enough to be back. This Miztourage is great! Now, I still want Sandow back in the WWE, or to head back to the northeast and do some indie shows up here (I’m a bit biased and want to see him live), and he was great with Miz, but this is a new time and I’ve been impressed by how Axel and Bo have been killing it with Miz. It really felt as though something was missing from the chemistry while Bo was out, and I never thought I’d miss seeing Bo, ever.


Bayley Is Boring!

Thank goodness for Sasha or I would have been bored to tears with this segment. There has to be another side to Bayley, but she sure hasn’t shown it to us!


So, That Happened

Nia’s hair really looked permed, not just curled. I truly hope that her hair was just curled for the night because her hair is too beautiful to do something to it like perming it! Normally I love curly hair, but that’s not a good look for Nia. Maybe her hair is as frazzled as she looks from this UK tour? And then CJ had to ask me about Sasha’s roots. They haven’t been in the UK so long that she couldn’t get her hair done! What is up with those roots?

Nia really tried to work some personality into her ring work, but it looked a bit fake and fell flat as she was tagging with Foxy. While I’ve never been a real Foxy fan, but she’s been killing it with her crazy chick character, making her crazy into something totally different from AJ Lee’s crazy. She seems to have finally found her own, and I’m almost starting to really enjoy her character. Now Nia has to find her own character and not try to keep up with Foxy!

Finally, Sasha is on Team Raw, but Bayley is still out in the cold. Not surprised, that Bayley is out, and I loved how Foxy brought Sasha in. It was a great way to end this match.


Strowman Destroys

What a great match. No such thing as monsters, Bo? Well, there hasn’t been any new monsters in a while, but Strowman surely is a monster, and we love him for it. When he first debuted with Bray, I didn’t think much of him. Splitting him off from Bray was the best thing they could have done for him, and he’s been booked as unstoppable for a great reason, he can actually sell his monster self. That four guys couldn’t take Strowman down shows that he is a monster, and can carry being a monster in the WWE. It’s beyond the time they strap him, and see what he can do with that!


The Shield?

It’s obvious that Rollins and Ambrose really enjoy each other. They always seem to have fun on mic together. They’re so much more fun to watch without Reigns, and with Renee. It helps that Renee and Ambrose light up when they are around each other, and so they’re that much better. Renee putting her fist in after Ambrose and Rollins left was brilliant! She showed her silly/goober side and it felt genuine. Not many of the backstage female interviewers that the WWE has employed through the years have felt as genuine as Renee, especially in that moment.


What A Mess!

No clue what happened to Zo here, but that truly sucked! He rambled but didn’t say anything anyone cares about. He really went off in a bad way.


Bruiserweight vs Cruiserweight

Pete Dunne is so great in the ring, and he weighs in at 205, but I hope he doesn’t get stuck in the CW Division because he’s too good for that. Dunne could be a top heel in the WWE if he was booked correctly. That he’s not been on WWE TV at all since he won is a travesty, and shows how out-of-touch McMahon really is. The bitter end of Zo was a great way to end this, I just wish Dunne could have done it before Zo started talking! Sadly the grade would have been better if Dunne had faced someone who could really work the ring, not Zo. Dunne deserved better for his first Raw match, but at least he shut Zo up.


Actually, Charly…

Bliss ran circles around Charly, but it doesn’t seem like it’s that hard. I know that we are spoiled with Renee, who has so much charisma, personality, is down to earth, and oozes that she’s a genuine person, but Charly looks almost (early Orton) robotic when she’s talking to anyone more charismatic than Jordan. Bliss was wonderful, and, as usual, makes me wish I didn’t wear glasses to hide my over-the-top eye makeup.


Tag Team What?

I was wondering what was going to happen here, but I really didn’t think that anything would change before Survivor Series. Yes, the Usos wanted to face Cesaro and Sheamus over Ambrose and Rollins, but I really didn’t think that would happen! I’m in a bit of shock, but New Day was such a shocker, and obviously something big had to happen, so, of course, Sheamus stole the win when no one was looking. I’m big for strange and different endings and a huge fan of championships changing hands on WWE TV between PPVs. It’s been so long since anything but the Cruiserweight Championship has been defended on Raw, so that the Tag Championships changed hands here made me totally giddy. I’ve been screaming for this for so long since it happened, I’m thrilled, though I know it won’t happen again for a very long time.


Raw Solidarity

Why were Sasha and Foxy the only women who came out against SD? They were the only female wrestlers seen, and that bothers me. Nia looked completely shagged out during her match, but Bayley was fine, and Bliss didn’t even work the ring! I have serious issue with this. I also have serious issue with Raw not attacking SD at all – other than Kane, and he didn’t really do anything to Bryan because it was all in the dark. Even if it hadn’t been in the dark, Kane is one of the safest on the roster (after Trip), and he wouldn’t have hurt Bryan no matter what happened.


Final Flush

I know this isn’t The Royal Flush, but I’m trying to suss out how I want things to look in my reviews. I’m still not there yet, but working on it.

I really enjoyed parts of this episode of Raw and was really unimpressed with others. It finally seems as though things are getting interesting on both Raw and SD, sadly it’s taking the Survivor Series feud between the two brands to rile everything up as it should be most of the year. Personally, I think Survivor Series is where the Road To WrestleMania starts, but I’m also quite optimistic about when things will get better after the summer each year, and think they should be better now, as they are. What I’m saying is that things are more interesting, and I’m hoping this is the start of a trend, not something that will end after Survivor Series. Fingers crossed!

Queen KB