A Daniel Bryan In-Ring Return In WWE Possible?

Daniel Bryan had some interesting things to say in a recent interview:

“I’m trying to get cleared as we speak.

All my tests have come back fantastic, better than people who have never had any concussion-type stuff. But it’s a weird thing. We’re in a weird situation politically with the climate around concussions; right now, it’s very difficult. WWE would love to have me back, but is that the smart thing for me as a business to bring me back? If I was to come back, and they let me back, would they get a lot of flak for it? They have a ton of stockholders that they’re responsible for. It’s more than just, ‘Is he healthy to do it?’

There’s more than that to the whole situation. All the concussion doctors think that I’m healthy enough to do it and that I should be able to do it — well, I don’t want to say all of them. I’m sure there’s somebody out there who doesn’t think that — but there’s a lot more than goes into it than just that. That’s the unfortunate situation with giant corporations and big business in the United States.”

It would seem Bryan is trying to say that he’s healthy enough to return to the ring, but WWE is more concerned about appearances due to the ongoing concussion lawsuit they are facing. Whether this is true or not is anybody’s guess, but WWE’s higher-ups had better decide on this matter sooner rather than later. Otherwise, they’ll lose Bryan to CMLL and Ring Of Honor as soon as his contract expires!