Lucha Underground Season 4 Is A Go!

Recent reports have been positive, but there have been mixed reports all year about whether or not Ultima Lucha Tres was a season or series finale for Lucha Underground. Funding was reportedly an issue, leaving a lot of uncertainty about the future of the cult favorite.

Now, after months of official silence, Lucha Underground confirmed a fourth season with this Twitter teaser video:

No details about when taping will take place, or if they’ll continue to use the Los Angeles set where seasons 1 – 3 were filmed (Ultima Lucha Tres ended on a cliffhanger which makes a move possible, narratively speaking).

Interesting that Johnny Mundo, who is currently chasing gold on Pop TV as Johnny Impact, is front and center for the announcement. It raises a lot of interesting questions about what had been prohibitive talent contracts, and where the show fits in the picture with Impact Wrestling’s partnership with Lucha Underground’s parent promotion and chief funder AAA.