Paige to Return To “Monday Night Raw” This Week!

Of course, this Monday is the “go-home” for the annual “Survivor Series”.  As is always the case, WWE pulls out all the stops for this one.  In this case, they’ll even be bringing back another superstar in the form of Paige.  We all know she’s been off TV since 2016 when a Wellness violation placed her on an unintended vacation.  While gone, she’s also been rehabbing a serious neck injury and been involved in much personal drama – most of which has played out on social networks.

Apparently, the idea is that she’l be part of the women’s “Team Raw” at Survivor Series.  The original idea was for her to go to “Smackdown Live!” but that has apparently changed.  Paige could be added to the qualifying match involving Dana Brooke, Bayley, and Mickie James.  That would make for one heck of a Fatal Four match.

Botch Take:  Can’t wait for her to come back.  She’s tremendously talented and to more talent on the Raw roster, the better.