The Reasons that Emma Was Released

Former WWE staff member James McKenna sat down with  The Sheet Podcast mini-sode and talked a bit about why Emma was let go.

According to McKenna, Emma (Tenille Dashwood in real life) wasn’t the easiest person to work with.  The writers would come up with ideas for her and she’d veto them.  She had an idea of who her character was and any deviation from that was shot down by Emma.

This became a serious issue with the debacle known as the Emmalina gimmick.  Turns out Vince came up with that one himself (a re-hash of the Sable gimmick) and she absolutely hated it.  As we remember, much time and effort was put into Emma’s repackage including seemingly endless vignettes advertising her re-debut.  When Emmalina finally debuted, well…have a look:

You can see how stilted this looked.  She was nervous about pulling this off and it’s really obvious.  Of course, she then went back to being Emma – essentially scuttling 4 months worth of work.  Vince didn’t take this well and, eventually, that’s what got her fired.

Botch Take:  This was just an awful idea.  Taking someone as gifted in the ring as she is and focusing just on her admittedly good looks could have cheapened her and she wasn’t having it.  I wondered whether or not it’d get her fired and it did.  The vignettes went on way too long and by the time she debuted, I honestly didn’t care.  She’s far more than Emmalina so I’m sure that, if she decides to do it, she could do quite well for herself on the Indies.  Kill it, Tenille!