Triple H To Face Jinder Mahal In India!

Bad news for Jinder Mahal fans, but it looks like the rumor of Jinder becoming a two time WWE World Champion In India was false!

Triple H laid out a challenge to the “Modern Day Maharaja” on in a Twitter video earlier today, and it did not take long for Mahal to send a reply accepting the challenge.


The original card for WWE’s house show in New Dehli was going to be highlighted by Jinder Mahal vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE World Title. But with Kevin Owens being sent home along with Sami Zayn for “disciplinary reasons” and AJ Styles ending Jinder’s ill-conceived Title reign, WWE still needed some kind of hook for the show. It would appear this is what they are going with.

  • Ranveer

    I bought tickets for the show last night and I wake up this morning to read this!! Seriously marking out that I’ll get to see “The Game” in person after having watched him on TV for more than 20 years….

  • LDB-The Yeeeeaaaatttteeeee

    Yeah jinder needs to go back to jobbing where he belongs. Terrible mic skills, mediocre at best ring skills, if not for being of Indian heritage he would never of gotten that acid trip push. It was the thing nightmares are made of. Someone must have over rode crazy grandpa vince on this one. Thankfully. With booking like this no wonder no one is buying tickets for the shows. Hope AJ can work this in the right direction.

    • I agree completely. He never caught on. That’s almost completely his fault. You can’t be pushed harder than he was and he just couldn’t get over. I will say that creative pushed him way too fast. His ascent from job guy to champion was done without rhyme or reason. That is WWE’s fault.

      • Vomkrieg

        Yeah, from 3 man band, to out of the company, to the job that Aiden English is currently doing being Rusev’s stooge, then BOOM WWE champion.

        They could have told a story about him finding his stride and coming into form. Picking up a surprise win over some mid carders for a few months and having him slowly climb the ladder, then winning a shot at the belt because of a tournament/battle royale, but that title shot being a fatal 4 way, where he’s the outside chance guy who gets lucky.

        Then build him as champ, have him win by tiny margins for his first few defences, but slowly increase his dominance after each defence, until 3-4 months in, he’s basically squashing guys he could barely handle a few months ago and going on about how far he has come.

        Making him a cheating heel was dumb. WWE’s line that “wins don’t matter” is dumb.