I Can Talk, I’m Not A Puppet Like Brock Lesnar

I have to admit that a couple segments in this Flush are shorter than they normally would be, but I’m saving some solid angst and ire for my Survivor Series Predicts. No sense in getting it all off my chest now if I have a whole other platform that needs to be graced with my royal presence. Okay, that was hard for me to type with a straight face. I’m going to jump right in and pour my heart out about this go-home to Survivor Series.


Shane Rules His Roster!

No matter how great SD is, it will always be the B-Show, it’s just how it is. It’s not been running as long, and it’s not the premier show that people rush home to watch. More often, other than some really hardcore fans, people DVR SD, or watch it on Hulu or another way.

I cannot put my finger on it, but the whole thing felt off and really strange. Why would Shane need a mic like that? I don’t recall any of those roster staged segments ever been on mic, and it really cut into the feel of the segment. I really didn’t like how Becky was on mic giving her bit back to Sheamus. Corbin came off as horrible, but Becky’s bit was almost uncomfortable to watch for some reason.


Lumberjack Rides Again! Or – BL Is A Pussy!

I love it when Bryan is scruffier like this. The short haircut made him look like an accountant, especially back in ROH. Even with the beard, when it was neatly trimmed with the short hair, he was still accountant-esque

AJ was so cute in the ring with Bryan, but I have to give this segment to Bryan. Playing The Advocate for AJ Styles brought out some of the best of what makes Daniel Bryan one of the best on-mic superstars who has been in the WWE in the past decade. Yes, I will stand by that statement, and will back it with an article, if you’re actually interested – let me know below if you’re interested.

That AJ stepped up and said he can actually talk about had me on the floor laughing. I remember when BL did talk, but even then he wasn’t great, whereas AJ wasn’t great on mic in TNA, but he evolved into someone who can handle the mic like a pro in the WWE. I guess what I mean is that both champions have had chances to talk within various companies and AJ proved he can evolve, unlike BL who only seems to have devolved.


Mahal Glares, But AJ Doesn’t Care!

Well, that was a thing, and the best part was AJ who didn’t do anything but walk away. I’m so glad that was short, and the grade is solely for Mahal.


Corbin Takes The Easy Win!

There was one spectacular move in this match, and that’s when Corbin caught Sin Cara, spun around a couple times, then slammed Sin Cara to the mat. Otherwise, this was a nothing match that could be missed without missing anything in the show or between the two superstars. I want to start going off about Corbin facing Miz and all that, but I’ll save that for the Survivor Series Predicts.


You Cannot Spell Charlotte Without Harlot!

“There was a queen before there was a goddess.” Yes, Charlotte, we know, and she’s typing away about your match right now!  This really was a solid match.  It was PPV quality, better than their last match at an actual PPV!  I love Nattie, but she just isn’t Charlotte.  They really proved that there’s a reason the Women’s Divisions on both shows are Must See WWE TV!


You Can Always Go Home!

She won in her hometown and it was a beautiful thing. The chants of, “You deserve it!” were heartfelt and honest from the fans. Charlotte was so honest and endearing in this segment.  That she told us exactly what her father would text her was beautiful, but nothing compared to what was to come.  When Flair’s music hit she stopped dead in her tracks and was obviously confused by it.  Now, I’ve trashed on Flair for many reasons for many years, but seeing Charlotte drop her belt and run into her father’s arms the way she did, it was one of those real moments that the WWE did so right.

WR is in a tough spot because as fans we want to be surprised by someone appearing on a show, or something huge and unexpected happening, but we also have to report the news or we will be left in the dust by other sites.  When the WWE pulls one over on us, I always give them huge props, but when they pull one over on one of their top superstars (and yes, I do think of Charlotte as a top SD superstar), that’s downright epic.  Whoever pulled this together and kept it quiet (I’m thinking it was Trip as he’s a huge supporter of Charlotte because she was one of his top NXT women, and he’s such close friends with Flair), deserves mad props.


Oh, A New One!

Looks like the Bludgeon Brothers will be re-debuting next week on SD. I love both of those guys, especially Rowan, but that doesn’t mean this promo was any good. These two have to be better on the show than in these promos


Welcome, You Look Stupid!

Speaking of which, why is Jimmy facing Gable? We’ve seen too much of this crap. I do like seeing the Usos taking more of a tweener role as they start working with The Bar for Survivor Series. Actually, their mic work was more interesting than the actual match. I’m so not impressed with Chad Gable as a superstar. Like Jason Jordan, he’s barely more exciting than a bottled water. I don’t mean a high end flavored water. I don’t mean bottled water that costs more than a family of five eating out at a chain restaurant. And I don’t mean caffeinated bottled water. I’m talking no-name bottle water, black and white label of nothing-ness! I honestly don’t know how either Gable or Jordan are going to make it if they don’t grow or purchase personalities and charisma, and dang soon!


We Have 27 Championships, Though Most Are Kofi’s!

They made a claim that The Shield will break up in he warmth of WrestleMania, but New Day will still be together. That makes me worried about their future. New Day has been together a lot longer than most factions, and are not at all stale (no matter what Mitch says). To me, and a number of people in the SD DD, what they said appeared to be serious foreshadowing.


Romeo, Alpha, Whiskey…Raw!

It was pretty obvious that something was going to happen during this episode of SD, because it’s the last one before Survivor Series, and this was the perfect time to do it. I’m thrilled that they waited for the last moment to attack. We have been calling for more of a slow burn when it comes to storylines, but when we do get everything we want as quickly as possible there are complaints. That to me is quite counter-productive to what we have been begging for the WWE to return to.

Myrtle posted the title to this segment in a comment in the DD, and told him I was stealing it. I really hoped they would change the Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta to Romeo, Alpha, Whiskey, because we knew it wouldn’t just be The Shield attacking, it would be everyone from Raw. (We all know it wasn’t everyone, but I’ll get to that in a bit.)

I loved what The Shield did with their shirts, I just wish they had been done better. The sewing of the shirts looked terribly messy and not at all straight. Jersey isn’t the easiest material to work with, but it’s not THAT hard. Reigns’ shirt was so poorly sewn that it hooked in a bit on the bottom in the front and made him look as though he has a beer gut. Maybe he’s been hiding it this whole time under his fake armor vest, but I highly doubt it! And if they were doing that with The Shield, why didn’t they all have their own shirts split with Raw shirts? SD looked much more cohesive when they attacked as their SD shirts were all cut to a similar length and they really looked like a team, unlike Raw.

Sami and KO stepping away from New Day and leaving them behind to be destroyed by The Shield is so in their characters, and I loved it. It was a great way to show that they were there for them and only them. They left us with big questions about what issues they might cause at Survivor Series.

Now to the rest of both teams and who wasn’t there. The fact that Cena, Trip, Slater, Rhyno, weren’t there really bothered me. I understand both Cena and Trip possibly not being there, but this is setting up for one of the big four of the year, get your ass to the show! Heck, I’d be shocked if Trip wasn’t backstage already. I know Cena has his own life, but Trip could have been out there. And, of course, no Brock Lesnar, but that doesn’t surprise me, he doesn’t show up without serious money on the line, and he couldn’t really take the chance that anyone who might be disgruntled taking stiff shots at him, because we all know that he wouldn’t hesitate to go MMA on anyone if the mood struck him. But the list of who wasn’t there was so glaring compared to who actually was there, and I have issue with that. All of SD invaded Raw, but only part of Raw invaded SD, and that’s not what’s best for business. That’s the only reason I didn’t give this segment 5 crowns.

I love the Women’s locker room! Bayley’s forearm shots on Charlotte showed that Bayley can be edgy, not just bubblegum! She really went all out, and THAT’S what she needs to do with her character on Raw. Hopefully she will step up and show that side at Survivor Series? Fingers crossed. I also have to comment on Nia’s hair. I loved the pair of Dutch braids, they brought a cuteness to her that we don’t normally see, and shouldn’t be seeing in this segment when she’s supposed to be.

My dear friend, and someone who helps WR find news and other things we need for WR, Patrick, said that while he was watching the section of the segment in the Women’s locker room, he thought a serious mistake had been made. He thought that Lana wasn’t dressed from the waist up as she had her back to the camera through most of the fight, including while she was on the floor. Finally, we saw that she was wearing a backless halter top, but for a bit, it totally looked as though she’d been caught dressing. Now, the WWE is better than they used to be in their production, including making sure everyone is ready for what they are doing, but mistakes can still happen! Sadly, for most of the men, and women, who drool over Lana, she was fully dressed.


Final Flush
I’m thrilled that Raw attacked SD and all that entailed, but even more than that, I’m thrilled with the overall creative build toward Survivor Series. This has been some of the best WWE TV that they’ve given us in a couple years. They have thought this through, built storylines that made sense and didn’t jump the gun with any of it. I hope the WWE doesn’t drop the ball after Survivor Series. To me, this is the start of the build toward WrestleMania, and the WWE should continue in this vein until (at least) WrestleMania, if not SummerSlam. Hey, I’m greedy for great storylines, solid pushes, and character development, I don’t think I’m asking too much, personally.
Queen KB