Arrow Star Joins The Bullet Club!

Arrow star Stephen Amell has taken his Pro Wrestling fandom to the next level by announcing on Twitter that he has joined the hottest stable in the industry.


And before you start thinking BC members are just humoring him, check out Amell’s very own Bullet Club T-Shirt available at

Amell will be appearing on Ring Of Honor’s much-publicised event in San Antonio Texas tonight.

Authors Note: Ok, I admit…I’m jealous. It’s well known that Stephen Amell is a lifelong Pro Wrestling fan and even participated in a match in WWE that featured Cody Rhodes a few years ago. Since then it would appear he and Cody have become firm friends in real life as this is not the first time Amell has used his celebrity status to help Bullet Club promote a show. Cody has also guest starred in two episodes of Arrow last year.