New Flair Lawsuit

Never a dull moment when it comes to the limo riding, jet flying…Ric Flair, especially when we are talking about money.  Between the alimony, he’s paid through the years and the expensive lifestyle he lived through much of his career, it’s not at all surprising that he’s involved in another lawsuit.

Flair has filed a lawsuit against his former management team Legacy Talent and Entertainment.  Flair claims that they owe him $46,000.  Part of the amount being sued for is $25,000 from First Row Films.  They are the production company of Rory Karpf who was the director of ESPN‘s 30 For 30.  Within the suit, there are claims that Legacy Talent and Entertainment never even told Flair about the $25,000 payment.

Legacy Talent and Entertainment claims that the money in question was used to pay Flair’s legal bills.  Flair claimed that wasn’t cleared through him.

Then there’s Cary Silken, former owner of Ring of Honor, who claims Flairs owes him exactly $46,000 for no-showing an event and backing out of TV appearances.  When Sinclair Broadcasting bought ROH they dropped the lawsuit against Flair.


Queen KB – Ric Flair might have been a huge superstar, one of the biggest, but he’s been plagued with issues through all of it.  His string of wives, fast-paced life, and money issues, are well known, but a lot of people just roll their eyes as if Flair will be Flair and deserves a pass for it.  I, on the other hand, am not impressed with most of what he’s done since he became famous.  Flair used women, while he was married, got caught and had to pay out a lot of money to previous wives.  Why anyone would marry him with his history, I don’t know.  Further, he’s obviously horrible with money, and horrible at keeping track of those who are supposed to take care of his money.  Seems to me that he’s the biggest cautionary tale in the industry today!