After Refereeing One Match Shawn Michaels Says, “I’m Too Old For This …”

Shawn Michaels had an amazing career in the ring during his day and it’s no wonder why people still call him the Showstopper because Michaels still possesses an energy that makes people gravitate to him.

Reports are coming in that say HBK got on the microphone after guest refereeing the main event match in NXT San Antonio between Drew McIntyre and Adam Cole for the NXT Title.  The crowd broke out into huge “one more match” chants toward HBK because they wanted to see him lock up in the ring once more.

After taking a bit of time, Michaels took the microphone and addressed the crowd who wanted to see him perform in the ring one more time.  “I appreciate the sentiment of ‘one more match, but after refereeing this match, I can assure you that I am too old for this s**t!”

The crowd then roared with Laughter and poor Drew was left in the ring with absolutely no chance of topping what HBK had just done on the mic.

Authors Note: WWE might be in a PG Era, but if anyone’s going to get away with dropping that kind of language on the microphone, it has to be HBK.  After all, he could probably get away with way more in the ring and on the microphone if he really wanted to.