Cody Rhodes Claims ROH Outdrew NXT In San Antonio

The much-publicised Ring Of Honor and NXT San Antonio shows on November 17th are now done and dusted with Arrow star Stephen Amell actually wrestling a match for ROH and Shawn Micheals returning to the ring as a guest referee for NXT.

Both shows have been well received by fans on social media, and both companies wanted to ensure they outdrew the other. But, it would appear that ROH may have gone head to head with NXT in the same town and won!

During the show, Cody Rhodes took the microphone and proudly announced that NXT was not sold out in San Antonio while ROH was. This brought a huge pop from the indy wrestling crowd.

Authors Take: While we can’t officially confirm Cody’s claims, I don’t doubt he was telling the truth as the Bullet Club is simply put….OVER AF!!!





  • Myrtle “Death Walker” Jacobs

    Just because one show is sold out, and the other is not, does not prove much. Venue size says a lot.

  • LDB-The Yeeeeaaaatttteeeee

    Glad to hear it. Any victory ill take. #IndieRebellion