Kamala Hospitalized

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that James Harris, better known in the WWE as Kamala is in the hospital on life support after undergoing a life-saving operation on Sunday, November 19th.  It’s been said that he’s improved some.  Kamala has struggled with poor health for years, through diabetes and amputations (both legs below the knees) due to complications from diabetes which he did not take care of for years.  He’s been surviving for a number of years on his disability checks and the money he makes through making chairs.

Queen KB – My heart goes out to Kamala and his family.  I have been following him and have worried about him since I found out what he was dealing with a few years ago.  I have wanted to buy a chair from him, as much to support him as I have seen some of the beautiful woodwork he’d been doing, but was not able to find contact info for ordering one.  All of us here at WR will keep Kamala in our thoughts and will bring you further news as we get it.