Check it out, I’m the Gobble-De-Gulaker!

Here’s your man – all full of Botchitude – getting ready to delve into another episode of “205 Live”!  Let’s dive in, shall we?

Opening segment: Enzo Amore, Noam Dar, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, and…THE GOBBLE-DE-GULAKER! (all hereby referred to as “The Zo Train”)

Enzo turned mean backstage and I liked it.  He’s leading the charge and I like it. Apparently, this is now a stable and I’m not mad at it.  The Gobble-De-Goolak-er was genius!  I absolutely DIED!…yet somehow I type. Oh well.

Drew Gulak promo

“Enzo adjacent”. Oh my. I. Can. Not.  He absolutely DESTROYS everything on the mic.  He’s really owning his gimmick and selling it for all it’s worth.  He’s NAILING unbelievably well!

Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa

Drew is bound and determined to shut Tozawa up.  RIP the “No Chants” sign.  I’ll miss the ol’ boy though I’m sure he’ll be replaced by next week.  Tozawa’s cannonball onto Gulak from the announcer’s table was very pretty.  The flight from the top-rope onto a prone Gulak with trash can covering half of his body was also very nice.  It didn’t get too down and dirty but what they did, they did very well.

Backstage: Enzo and “Zo Train”

Okay, Nese was actually funny hear chewing on the drumstick. It’s the funniest he’s ever been on “205 Live”.  When Cedric, Mustafa, and Rich showed up, it went completely cheese.  Cedric’s Enzo impression was fairly dead-on but it all felt fake.  It’s the same problem I’ve always felt coming from Cedric; I don’t believe him in WWE.  He was FULL of charisma on the indies; he just can’t make it translate here.  Ditto on Rich.  The cheese is what brings the grade down a bit.

Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese

Mustafa is beginning to get it.  He’s incredibly athletic and can go with anyone but lately, he’s been letting his personality come out.  It works wonders.  I’m beginning to be invested in him.  That flight from the top rope onto a waiting Nese outside the ring was just beautiful.

Backstage – Zo Train

Drew sitting there as Gobble-De-Gulaker was too funny.  Again, I have died…but before I do, I must continue typing.  What a quandary…

Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari vs. Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

These four can work a ring beautifully so I knew we’d get great work.  I’m a huge fan of Cedric and his incredibly crisp work and it was on display here like it always is.  If he can find his old indie personality (in the ring and out), he’ll be complete and total fire!  The “shut up, Enzo” chants were very nice and further proof that “the Enzo experiment” is working.  Noam makes a very good heel and his ring work shows it too.  I wish his face would show more but I think he’ll get there.  Ariya also worked the Farsi a bit while he was punishing Alexander which is, of course, the ultimate heel trick.  Swann’s head scissor on Ariya – hitting it from the ring while Ariya was on the top rope – was just gorgeous.  There was one brief moment where Enzo attempted to interfere and Cedric grabbed his face in his hand and yelled, “I’m sick of you”.  The visceral anger on Cedric’s face was great!  We need more of it!

The attack at the end of the match was really good too.  Loved that when Mustafa and Akira showed up to make the save, Drew and Tony came out of absolutely nowhere to eliminate them.  Apparently, “The Zo Train” is going to be a thing.  I’m all for anything that gives this athletes some kind of an edge and Enzo appears to be instigating it.  Watching them all hit “The Zo Dance” was an absolute riot.

Zo now has a stable and it could be a very good thing for the show.  I also love that Rich and Cedric are at the epicenter of their anger.  This should give Cedric and Rich some nice edge.

That’s it for now.  Join us again next week for another edition of “The Pickup”.  If you aren’t watching “205 Live”, I highly recommend you start.  If you haven’t seen it in a while, I understand why you would have avoided it.  It’s so much better now, though, so tune back in!