Clash Of The Female Titans!

Such a wild couple days of wrestling! So much greatness in such a short time. While Big 4 weekends can be exhausting, this one was very special to me. It was such fun watching with everyone, talking about what had happened, was happening, and might happen.


Shane-O’s Verbal Beatdown

Shane is so great on mic, has been for as long as I can remember. The man is very much his father’s son, except with a level of balance and physicality in the ring that McMahon wished he had but proved he didn’t with every stunner he took. McMahon is a klutz, and I get it, because I’m truly a klutz myself, and Sam is following in my footsteps. Well, she’s working on her balance as she learns to (medieval) fence. No matter how buff McMahon has been, he just doesn’t have the balance needed to really work the ring to the level Shane has through the years. Honestly, I was shocked to see him come out as I was watching Raw 8/28/00 this morning which was Raw after SummerSlam, the night after Shane took his first major fall from on high in the WWE. He was defending his Hardcore Championship against Steve Blackman and came off the scaffolding on the stage. It was a jaw-dropping fall, and in my head, because it’s what I watched most recently, I had it in my head that Shane wouldn’t be on SD tonight.

Sami and KO were great working off each other on mic, as they have been since they got back together. So much great banter between the three of them, but I was a bit shocked when Shane was going to fire the two heels from SD. Mitch said over and over during Raw that he was expecting Sami and KO to appear. With Shane almost firing them, maybe Mitch is right as to Sami and KO moving to Raw.

As if Shane working mic with the two heels was great, but then Bryan telling Sami to shut up, twice, about had me on the floor. I loved how Bryan handled it all, right down to the match he made and how he commanded the fans in the process.


Team Angle-ish

The Usos are strong in the ring, as are Benjamin and Gable, but this match wasn’t worth the time. I really wanted to like the match, it just didn’t click for me. I don’t know what to say about it other than it had everything it should have needed, but it didn’t. It just flopped.


Sami & KO Beg For Help

Corbin showed personality. I didn’t think he had that in him. It wasn’t as if KO and Sami helped him in any real way, but Corbin was rather solid here. And then to the man who oozes charisma and needs to feud with Trip – Roode. I love seeing Roode verbally abuse KO and Sami, but I also love watching Sami’s facial expressions as he gets abused. So many people worried that Sami wouldn’t be believable as a heel, but he’s better than I thought possible. I’m a huge Sami fan and won’t make excuses for it because the man can do almost anything!


More NXT Women!

I LOVE Ruby Riot! She’s a genius in the ring and such an interesting looking young woman. She’s absolutely not cookie cutter! Liv might come off as a typical blonde, but there’s nothing typical about her. I hope they give her a great character to work with because too many cookie cutter blondes on either roster brings us back to feeling like we are watching models trying to work the ring. I know Liv is seriously hard hitting, and I hope she develops into more than Ruby’s heavy. And then there’s Sarah Logan. I honestly have no clue who she is, so I looked her up. She’s done very little with NXT, so I don’t know why she was brought up already, other than SD needing a three-woman heel stable! Why? Because Raw has one, of course!

I truly hope that both new factions are connected in some way. It seems glaringly obvious that two factions of three strong women on each brand will be connected in some way. Also, adding in these six women might give the WWE enough women to have a female Royal Rumble Match at Royal Rumble next year. We know these women can more than carry a Royal Rumble Match. Further, the WWE has brought NXT superstars up for the Royal Rumble Match in the past, and there’s a number of amazing female wrestlers in NXT who could add that much more to a match. There are eleven women on each brand (including the newest three on each show), plus eight in NXT, not including all the Mae Young wrestlers who are starting to get contracts and moving up to NXT. That’s at least thirty women, enough for a Royal Rumble Match. If the WWE decides to have Championship matches at the Royal Rumble, there are still enough women to have a Royal Rumble Match, and I truly hope they go in that direction because it’s an obvious next step for the WWE Women’s Division.


Shane Loves & Leaves?

I’m very confused about Shane leaving for the night, especially after heaping the praise on Bryan. The whole thing felt pretty strange, but I’m all for strange and more questions than answers because that’s what makes for great WWE TV!


Hype This! Bludgeon That!

Where has the rest of Harper gone? He’s looking positively svelte! His ring work is that much better now that he’s not lugging around the extra weight. Rowan still has much of his weight, but he’s more intimidating in their new matching ring gear. Both Raw and SD needs more teams, and I’m hoping that these two will add a new flavor to the SD Tag Division.


Sparkly XFL?

Nattie has some of the most interesting gear. Those shoulders were huge, but also beautifully crafted. I really want to hold that piece and look at how it was constructed. Bringing up her cat the way she did make me laugh, but I’m also a crazy cat lady. About fifteen years ago – well before it was cool – I work cat ears all the time. I have over a dozen pairs, and even have my favorite pink pair autographed by Shelton Benjamin, so I see a bit too much of myself in Nattie – though I can turn heel without batting an eye. I know she said something in this segment, but I was so focused on her outfit that I missed most of it. Sadly she’s still struggling from time to time as a heel.


AJ Shows Class

Sadly Mahal doesn’t. I know there’s a lot going on about Mahal getting the strap back for the India tour, but after what we saw in this segment, maybe he won’t. Personally, I think the fans in India might be happier with AJ as the WWE Champion. They were not thrilled with Mahal as Champ over there when it happened, so why would they suddenly be happy that this jobber Canadian is Champion again?

As per Mahal, he was as annoying as ever in this segment, and I don’t see him getting any better. In some ways he reminds me of Scotty Steiner in his blustery yelling that isn’t in-comprehensive, the way Warrior was, but always a bit vicious and intimidating. The thing is that Steiner was a main event player (at least in WCW and TNA) who worked hard on his body and to get where he wanted to be. Mahal was pushed because of his ethnicity, and possibly because McMahon has truly lost it.


Sami & KO Keep Trying

I love that there are two singers in the WWE, one on each major show. While I don’t want them to lose possible WrestleMania matches, I’d love to see a ‘sing off’ between English and Elias. It would have to happen at a Big 4 where both rosters are together.


So Many Women, It’s Great!

The grade is for the beautiful work put out there by Charlotte and Nattie, as well as the nameless NXT heel faction that just arrived on SD. The work between Nattie and Charlotte was as great as ever because they really are that good. The work these women give us each week is something I never thought I’d see in the WWE, and they just keep getting better and better.

Nattie getting the knees up into Charlotte’s face as Charlotte came off the top with her moonsault looked better than most blocking that move. I honestly wonder how more people haven’t had knee injuries from putting their knees up.

In the Dignified Discussion many thought that Ruby, Liv, and Sarah would get involved and in the end, Carmella would cash in her MITB contract and win the SD Women’s Championship. Personally, I think it’s still too early for her to cash in, but I was hoping that Ruby, Liv, and Sarah would get involved, as they did, and ended the match in a way that doesn’t make either woman look weak.


I’m A Lumberjack And I’m Okay

I know I’ve talked about how much I love KO and Sami, especially now that they’re good buddies and heels. There were so many great moments in this match, but Sami trying to escape and being carried back to the ring the way he did had me laughing aloud. The craziness in and around the ring was fantastic, and we got to see a few faces who we have almost forgotten about. Seeing the Colons out there reminded me of their existence, along with Mike Kanellis who has been lost in the shuffle since Maria, who was a huge part of his character, came up pregnant. I’m sure they have no clue what to do with Mike at this point, and I feel bad for him, but that’s the way the push crumbles sometimes.


Begging, Pleading, Pathetic

I will admit that I’m a bit shocked that Sami and KO got the win, and even more impressed that it was Sami who got the three. I wasn’t thrilled that KO left Sami in the ring to take more of a beating, but seeing KO on his knees begging Bryan to not fire them was well worth it! That was a 5 crown moment in itself.


Final Flush

SD was so much better than Raw this week, and I knew it would be. These post Survivor Series shows had a very post-WM feel to them, and I love it. I’ll admit that I wished for even more craziness, but time will tell if the WWE learned anything from the build to Survivor Series and continue along in the same vein as we head into the holidays, and the Royal Rumble. I know the holidays are the worst time for the WWE to build anything, but if they wait until January they will be struggling to get feuds and matches set up in the last weeks before the Royal Rumble. I’m going to try to keep up hope that things will continue as they are, and not backslide into lack of creative and superstars having no direction.

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Queen KB