Dave Bautista Wants to Go Back to WWE

Dave Bautista (Batista) was interviewed by Jim Ross for his “Ross Report” podcast on November 15th and he had some rather interesting things to say.  Among the highlights were:

Last time I went back, they..just had no idea what to do with me.  They actually had Ziggler tweet out something….and that’s was how they built the program.  We threw together a match but that’s such a waste of time; you’re not telling a story.”

Both Ross and Bautista then complained about how social media is used to tell stories for awhile.

When asked if/when he’d come back…

That’s been the issue for me because it’s not like…I’ve never burned that bridge…I still love the company…I don’t ever disrespect the company…I didn’t leave there under bad circumstances…I left because I wanted pursue other things…The short answer to that is “yes”, I would love to go back.  The reason I haven’t gone back is because I don’t wanna do a one-off. I wanna go and I wanna wrestle.  I wanna to some house shows.  I wanna be a part of the program and I love it.  The one-off thing…doesn’t do anything for me. Now it’s a matter of scheduling…if I can go back”.  If I happen to get injured, is it gonna affect something else.”

We’ll have to watch and see what happens.  We’ll stay on this story as it develops.

Botch Take:  Here’s hoping Vince remembers how badly it went last time. Certain superstars just can’t come back.  Bootista (as he was referred to during his last “run”) is one of them.  No one cares anymore.