Wrestle Kingdom Advanced Ticket Sales Exceeding All Expectations

New Japan Pro Wrestling has announced that the Wrestle Kingdom 12 event has sold over 20,000 tickets during the events advanced sale that was held between October 25 to November 25. This is an increase of 80% from the Wrestle Kingdom 11 advance sale held between the same dates last year which is simply incredible!


Many people may believe that this is solely the result of Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega being booked for the show.  However, New Japan selling travel packages for overseas fans and the promotion gaining more popularity both domestically in Japan and Internationally in North America, The United Kingdom, and Australia probably played a larger role in so many advanced sale tickets getting scooped up!

Wrestle Kingdom 12 will be held in the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo Japan on January 4th, 2018 with the event being broadcast Live on New Japan’s streaming service NJPWWorld.com.

Authors Take: Wheather you are a fan of New Japan Pro Wrestling or not, you can’t deny the company is in the middle of a big upswing. With Wrestle Kingdom already selling well, and their next North American show already booked for March 25th at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach California…2018 is looking to be a VERY good year for the promotion!