“Broken” Matt Hardy Coming To WWE?

If you watched Raw this week, you would have seen the strongest tease yet that Matt Hardy is finally bringing his “Broken Universe” to WWE. Ever since Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE on Wrestlemania 33, they has been a bitter legal battle going on between the WWE backed Hardy’s, and their former employers Impact Wrestling over the rights to the gimmick. But latest rumors suggest that an agreement has been reached between the two parties.

For his part, Matt claimed in a kayfabe tweet the day after Wrestlemania that the loud reaction he and Jeff received during their entrance at the event snapped him out of his “Broken” condition. However, with Jeff Hardy injured, one too many losses and a bad night on Raw this week involving Bray Wyatt…Matt may have “WOKEN” so to speak!


While the Broken Universe has been teased plenty since Matt and Jeff have returned to WWE, it would seem all signs are pointing to Raw becoming…BROKEN!

Authors Take: DEEEEELIGHTFUL!!!!