Eight Non-WWE Doctors Have Cleared Daniel Bryan To Wrestle Again!

Well, this is sure to blow up the internet!

During an Interview on former WWE announcer Lilian Garcia’s podcast (Is there anyone in the business that doesn’t have a podcast now?) Bre Bella revealed that not one, but several Doctors have cleared Daniel Bryan to Wrestle.

Here is a quick run through of what she said. Note: I’ve paraphrased it slightly due to Brie having horrible diction:

“From like, literally, the day they told him he couldn’t do it anymore, he has flown himself all over the United States to all different doctors to figure out what he could do to help turn that ‘no’ into a ‘yes’.” “There have been eight doctors who are like, ‘You can wrestle.’ A lot of doctors can’t see why he can’t get in that ring again.”

We should point out though that none of the Doctors that have cleared Bryan are WWE Doctors! And we all know that for whatever reason (the concussion lawsuit, not wanting him to upstage Roman Reigns, genuine concern for his health) WWE’s higher-ups will most likely NEVER allow Daniel Bryan to work a match in WWE.

But, as Bryan’s contract comes up in September of next year you can expect him to receive very lucrative offers from several promotions (the frontrunners being Ring of Honor, New Japan and CMLL).

Authors Take: If it weren’t for that pesky 90-day non-compete clause that’s written into all WWE contracts, I could see Cody Rhodes vs. Bryan Danielson main eventing that 10,000 seat Ring Of Honor show the Bullet Club are trying to set up for next year!