NXT To Air On The USA Network?

Several cable providers and the USA Network website have NXT listed on the schedule for 12/13 at 7 pm eastern. It’s not clear if this will be a special or the weekly show that airs on the WWE Network.

This could be a test run to see what the viewership will be for NXT on regular cable TV. It could also just be part of USA’s WWE Week programming.

This would be the first time that this incarnation of NXT would have aired on cable television in the United States. The first incarnation of the show aired on the SyFy channel.

Authors Take: I hope this doesn’t happen! The reason why NXT is so good is that it doesn’t have TV Network executives and Vince McMahon interfering with it.

  • Brandon Ceielo
  • David Jr.

    Since WWE Tribute to the Troops is airing on Thursday, December 14th on the USA Network.
    My guess is it’s going to be WWE week on the USA Network.
    Raw on Monday, Smackdown on Tuesday, NXT on Wednesday and TTTT on Thursday. And since Smackdown is now on USA Network, too. To make it more special, I figure they decided to air one NXT on USA Network for WWE week.

  • Asukalanchian

    Ewww I hope this doesn’t happen or it ruins everything NXT is because once it goes on the main stuff Vince will ruin it.

  • The chief reason it’s so good is that it’s an hour. If it happens, I’d be surprised but I’d be all for it.