AXS TV To Air Wrestle Kingdom 12 As Three Hour Special

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest event of the year Wrestle Kingdom 12 will air Live on their streaming service on January 4th. But will be other ways fans can see this spectacular event that rivals Wrestlemania!

AXS TV has announced it will air a three-hour special broadcast featuring matches and highlights of the event on January 6th!

AXS TV will continue its coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 12 following the special over five episodes Friday nights starting Jan. 12 at 8pE/5pP on the network’s award-winning weekly series.

Authors Take: While ratings for AXS TV are not known due to the network being smaller than most, New Japan’s weekly series that features matches originally aired live on their streaming service is rumoured to be the highest rated show on the Network (With the G1 in the USA reportedly doubling that audience).   

So it’s not surprising AXS TV wants to strongly feature the promotion, even more, this year!