Matt Hardy’s “WOKEN” Gimmick Now In Full Swing (Videos)

Matt Hardy has been working overtime on social media selling his BRO…I’m sorry his “WOKEN” Universe to WWE fans. A Live crowd for a Raw house show in Salt Lake City became the first WWE audience to see the character.


Matt later posted a video on Twitter to promote the gimmick further.


Authors Take: I always had mixed feelings regarding the “Broken Universe” in Impact Wrestling. On the one hand, it was very creative and different and helped make Impact worth watching again.  

But on the other, it did sometimes feel a little too over the top and silly even for the world of Pro Wrestling. I mean, Final Deletion, Delete and Decay, and Tag Team Apocalypto were all entertaining and different…but could they really be called Pro Wrestling matches?

I fully expect “Woken” Matt Hardy to divide opinion amongst WWE fans!