Should Roman Reigns Turn Heel?

Hello everyone and welcome to the Hot Tag!
This is a very special article where two people with opposing views discuss a subject of much interest in the world of Pro Wrestling. And then you or wonderful readers get to decide the subject once and for all!

And boy are we starting off this new segment with a bang as I, the ever-humble Sir Mitch of Wrestle Royalty and longtime reader and former Pro Wrestler Myrtle debate whether or not WWE should turn Roman Reigns heel.

Ok, let us begin!

Myrtle’s Viewpoint

While I will agree that Roman Reigns does have the mannerisms of the perfect heel, I wholeheartedly disagree with turning him full-fledged heel. In my eyes, this will not solve the issues the hardcore IWC fanbase has with RR, and will only alienate the casual fans that love to watch him. I won’t disagree that he has been overbooked and shoved down our throats, but if they eased up and let him toe the line with his gimmick, I feel like you have the best of both worlds.

Some of my favorite RR moments were when he disregarded the boos and negative chants in a heelish manner, but kept doing what he does because people hate it! They hate that he gets under their skin and makes them feel so strongly about him. Isn’t that the point of a heel though? Aren’t they supposed to get under your skin and make your blood boil? When Reigns’ music hits, not a single fan in the building is silent. Why would they need to turn Roman Reigns when clearly people are already reacting?

A Roman Reigns heel turn would only be damaging to Reigns’ career. I believe 100% that if you turn Reigns, the IWC will stop caring about him and his career will become stagnant very fast. Him playing the grey area of “I don’t care where I land, I’m going to do this” is a fantastic tap into both markets. To change anything about that right now feels asinine.

Mitch’s Viewpoint

I am so bloody sick of this debate! The fact that we are STILL talking about this after FOUR LONG years should be proof enough that the Roman Reigns experiment has failed. And yet we keep on having this debate. WWE keeps touting Roman Reigns merchandise sales and social media numbers as proof that it’s working even though there is always tons of his merchandise available and we never see many people wearing it (apart from Shield merch) and his social media posts are the most heavily promoted.

WWE insists he’s loved by the audience even though they have to keep playing with the audio in broadcasts to cover up the boos. WWE keeps doing the same thing with Roman Reigns every week and keeps expecting different results (the definition of insanity). I am so tired of being called bias and unprofessional by WWE Marks who believe everything WWE tells them like sheep…Ahem, but I am ranting!

I apologize for ranting like a madman, but I like many other pro wrestling fans are just simply sick of this debate. Because nothing ever changes! No matter how plainly obvious it is that Roman Reigns is FAR better suited to playing an arrogant, entitled heel instead of a heroic babyface WWE keeps going on with his mega push pretending there is nothing wrong…AND THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM! Pro Wrestling fans displeasure regarding Roman Reigns not turning heel has NOTHING to do with Roman Reigns. It has to do with WWE’s higher-ups not listening to what the fans want and instead WWE are telling fans what they want!

The majority of Pro Wrestling fans simply are not behind Roman Reigns, and they never will be. Yeah, they will cheer him as the third member of the Shield. But that’s because that’s what they still see him as…the the third member of The Shield! He was loved in that role, but then he was positioned above his fellow Shield members and several other stars for the wrong reasons (His Look, and Nepotism) and put into a role that just doesn’t suit him.

So when I’m asked do I think Roman Reigns should turn heel? The answer is of course yes! But it has nothing to do with him. It has to do with WWE needing to change with the times. There is a reason why Bullet Club sell so much merchandise. There is a reason why promotions like New Japan keep getting more buzz. There is a reason why WWE’s ticket sales are down 21% this quarter. It’s because WWE’s higher-ups aren’t listening to the fans. And for the last four years, the fans have been saying…TURN ROMAN HEEL DAMMIT!

So now you tell us WR readers, should Roman Reigns turn heel? Comment below!