Rob Van Dam Broke And Unable To Return To WWE?

Don’t hold your breath on a WWE in-ring return for Rob Van Dam. “The Blast” website was able to obtain documents related to RVD’s ongoing divorce proceedings from wife Sonya. The documents filed on behalf of RVD claim that, in regards to a financial settlement and support, he should pay less because he no longer lives the life of a wrestling superstar.

The documents state that, on November 12, 2016, he suffered a concussion that “caused visual impairment” and this has “disqualified me from working for the WWE.” A medical evaluation that confirms his concussion diagnosis and a copy of WWE’s Concussion Management Program protocol was included with the documents filed.

RVD was under a merchandising contract (likely part of a WWE Legends deal), but that expired in July 2017. He also says that he’s “aged out” of the wrestling business and he’s asked the judge to consider his financial situation when making a decision on support.

Authors Note: This could all be a legal ploy by RVD of course but if it’s not, you have to feel bad for the guy!