Sasha Banks And Alexa Bliss Make History In Abu Dhabi!

It’s no secret that the middle east is a region where ideas like Women’s Rights and Gender Equality have yet to take hold. But things are starting to change slowly but surely!

For years, there were strict restrictions on women in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Those restrictions meant that female WWE Superstars could not wrestle but times are changing. On Thursday, for the first time, women wrestled in a WWE match in the UAE capital.

They still had to wear full-body outfits to comply with the culture rules, but it’s a step forward for a society that many people feel has been oppressive towards women. Triple H commented on the history-making match and Banks was moved to tears when the match was over:


Following the match, was able to get an interview with Banks. As you could imagine, she was very emotional:

Authors Take: Who says Pro Wrestling can’t be a force for change? Well done ladies!