Sheamus’s Neck Issues Could Become Serious!

A few days ago we reported that Sheamus was working with neck issues but wasn’t taking any significant time off to rehab it. But some may say he should reconsider!

The Celtic Warrior is suffering from spinal stenosis which puts pressure on the spinal cord and all the nerves in the spine. It is common to the lower back and neck area and is brought on by wear and tear.

Spinal stenosis is the same issue which attributed to the early retirement of Edge and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Therefore, Sheamus is dealing with something that has claimed Hall Of Fame careers in the past.

Sheamus is currently rehabbing this problem while still working in the ring and hopefully, his doctors will be able to get a handle on the issue before it becomes a career-ending problem. It should be noted that The Bar worked the Tribute To The Troops show in San Diego on Tuesday so it’s nothing so bad that it’s keeping him out of action just yet. But it could still become a rather serious problem.