Triple H Beats Jinder Mahal In India (Video)

It’s no secret that Jinder Mahal’s token and poorly booked ascent from jobber to WWE Champion was done purely to sell out a Tour in India and increase WWE’s audience¬†in the country. With Smackdown’s TV ratings and ticket sales floundering and Jinder’s Matches and Promos being loathed by pretty much everyone, WWE’s higher-ups realized they needed an actual main event worker for the Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series, so Jinder dropped the Title a week before the PPV!

Due to ticket sales for the India tour also being a disappointment, WWE canceled the tour and decided to host one show only in New Dehli. After Jinder dropped the title, Triple H was announced as his new opponent for the show. It would also seem that the good people of India didn’t buy Jinder as WWE champ this year (like the rest of us) and were firmly in the corner of The Game!

As you can see in the video above, Triple H pinned Jinder Mahal clean in the ring…and the fans in India LOVED IT!

It should be noted, however, that it actually took two Pedigrees to keep Jinder down, and Triple H put Jinder over on the mic after the match. Still, this should be taken as a clear sign that the Jinder experiment is an utter failure and that WWE possibly places far too much emphasis on “marketability” when pushing wrestlers!