Chris Jericho Attacks Kenny Omega At New Japan Show (Video)

The match between Alpha and Omega was already set for Wrestle Kingdom 12… but it’s officially on now.

As you can see in the clip below, Kenny Omega had just competed at the World Tag League event where he defeated Rocky Romero when the lights went dark, and Y2J showed up on screen. Chris Jericho congratulated Omega on another successful win and then said his greatest test would come at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

Suddenly when the lights came back on, Chris Jericho was standing behind Kenny Omega in the same ring. Jericho hit Omega with a Codebreaker and jumped on him to continue a brutal beat-down. What followed was a brutal display of how to build an old-school wrestling feud.

Chris Jericho played a wonderful heel as he walked up the ramp giving the middle finger to fans as he left Omega in the ring as a bloody mess.

Authors Take: Wrestle Kingdom 12 is going to be something very special!