Matt Cappotelli Diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer

Matt Cappotelli, the winner of WWE’s Tough Enough 3, has been diagnosed with a Grade 4 glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer.  Sadly, doctors have given him approximately 5 years to live.  He will continue cancer treatments despite the grim prognosis.

Cappotelli released a brief statement, saying: “Though it seems unfortunate, I want it to be portrayed as a story of hope…unending hope”.

This past June, Cappotelli, 38,  underwent emergency surgery to remove part of his tumor. Doctors are unable to operate on the rest of the tumor given its proximity to his brain stem.

He has also had a GoFundMe donation page set up which can be accessed (here).

Botch Take:  43 (the age he may be when he passes) is so young.  After all he’s been through, I was hoping for a happy ending.  Sadly, it appears it’s just not to be.  We at Wrestle Royalty wish him and his loved ones comfort and peace.