Merch Selling Like Hotcakes!

Hence the hotcakes that New Day has been passing out to the fans every Tuesday. Speaking of merch, Wrestle Royalty now has our merch up for sale! Click on the Royal Swag tab at the top of the WR page and check out all the fun shirts, stickers, mugs, and messenger bags with our famous WR logo! I love my hoodie, and I know you will love your WR merch as well.


Yep Movement!

I love that Sami and KO have put Ps on Bryan’s YES! YES! YES! shirts to make them YEP! YEP! YEP! shirts.


Singh A Song Of Woe

I am so over Mahal. The man has been proven to not be able to hold the WWE Championship in any meaningful way, so it’s time McMahon dropped this and put Mahal back where he belongs – jobbing! I don’t call for people to lose their jobs because that’s just a horrible thing to do, but I honestly don’t know why he was even brought back into the WWE. Yes, he got clean and buff, but he’s still the same jobber he’s always been, and that’s a low and meaningless place that doesn’t immediately lead to the top of the roster, holding the greatest gold. I’m over Mahal, it’s time the Singh Bros got their chances because they’re the only good things that came out of Mahal’s Championship run.


Charlotte Vs All

I love Ruby Riot. She’s a favorite of mine and has been since I first saw her. Between her great look, how expressive she is, and her ring work, she has everything needed to succeed in the WWE. I’m thrilled with Riot ad cannot wait to see her in her first run for the Championship – when she gets there. But for now, I will enjoy every little bit of fun these three new interlopers bring to the ring – as long as all their matches don’t end in DQ! Then again, if it pulls the roster together to work against them, it might be a lot of fun!

We need to see some solid wrestling from all six of these new young women who recently debuted. Actually, five, because Paige has more than proven that she doesn’t have ANY ring rust to shake off. I want to see these women work the ring on Raw and SD, not just attack and cause DQs. I mean I felt the same way about The Shield before they worked the ring in singles matches. I’m excited about the growth of the Women’s Division on both Raw and SD, but it’s time we see some solid work, see how these women shape up to the rest.

I love Carmella’s one piece outfit, and have said so often, but Lana wearing similar, not so much. Lana has a great figure, but not the type of figure that works well in a one piece like that. I know this from personal experience. I have no waist (even before I had most of the abdominal surgeries I’ve had), and because of that a single color, one-piece bathing suit looks downright horrible on me. It doesn’t accentuate her best qualities, and therefore it’s not her best look.


Roode On Announce

Oh, there was a match? Sorry, but as much as I’ve loved and supported Ziggler over the past years, I just don’t want to see him I the middle of this storyline/feud. I’m over it, and it’s time for Ziggler to do something different. I liked his turning on all the things that fans love, but they have not stuck with it, and he’s back in limbo. It’s been years of the WWE needing to fish or cut bait with Ziggler, and it’s hurt his career in serious ways. He’s so lost, and I blame both him and the WWE for that. But then there’s Corbin who is more annoying than watching nail polish dry when I really want to be weaving. I’ve tried over and over with him, but I’m not buying him at all. Sunday it’s time to strap Roode and move on from these two zeros.


Dango & Breeze?

Wait, now I have to go online to see Fashion Files? No bloody way! I have my online watching schedule organized for the next couple years. Periodic beauty videos and a whole lot of chronological WWE. Now I have to find Fashion Files to watch in there somehow. I guess I should watch Up Up Down Down too, while I’m at it!


Steampunk Vikings Pillage Jobbers

I like that Rowan and Harper are facing jobbers, but I don’t want to see them destroy Fandango and Breeze in the ring! That’s actually the last people they should be facing, but that’s just me. I love both teams, and I don’t want to see one team destroy the other – and we all know that my local boy is on the team that will be left in a puddle in the ring.


Yep Movement In The Ring!

They were so into this and really worked it when Bryan came out to ‘join’ them, but not really. Now, there’s a big debate over who will turn on who. Will it be Bryan or Shane who goes full on heel? I’ve had my thoughts, and reasoning for quite a while, but I’m not going to post it here as it will be in my CoC Predicts, and I don’t want to double dump on you.


It’s Rusev Day

But the segment kinda sucked, and the match wasn’t any better! I love that English is getting a solid push, because he’s a wonderfully talented man, and has been proving that since teaming with Rusev. As much as I think Rusev is well beyond the mid-card he’s stuck in, but I’ve been saying the same thing about Cesaro for a long time, and he’s still in a team. I just hope that Rusev gets the push he’s worked so hard for, at some point. Then again, after segments like this, and matches like this, I can’t say that things are looking up for him.



I was wondering what this interview segment was going to be like, and I loved it! Orton has grown by leaps and bounds on the mic, and while their fist bumping was a bit wonky, Orton did solid mic work. What stole the segment was Nakamura and his simple, “Yup!” to whether he agrees with Orton. It was simple and to the point. The only thing that would have worked better would have been appropriating Funaki’s signature word, but I think Nakamura could have pulled it off very tongue-in-cheek. I know everyone would have called racism if Nakamura had appropriated Funaki’s word, but for old-school fans – like myself – I would have totally marked out. Now that I’m thinking about it, I truly hope that we, someday, get an ‘indeed’ out of Nakamura. It would show Funaki, SD Number One Announcer, some serious props, and love. Thoughts?


In The Ring, Or Out?

Not sure which was better in this main event! Bryan on announce was quite eye-opening, but the ring work between Nakamura and KO was just lovely! This is the type of match the WWE needs to give us in the main event for the go home to a PPV! Greats in the ring and on announce added so much to this SD and makes me that much more excited for CoC!


Final Flush

I have to admit that I asked the rest of the WR crew if SD was as bad as I thought, or if I was having a jaded night. They thought that it was me, but I truly think this SD wasn’t up to par. It might have been better than I graded it, but not by much. The only parts of the show that were really great were Bryan, Sami, KO, Orton, and Nakamura. The women weren’t bad, but I want so much more from them than they gave this week. This is a go-home to the final PPV of the year, but only the names mentioned really put it all out there to get us excited about Clash of Champions. Fingers crossed that the WWE ends their PPV cycle for 2017 with a bang, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ll fully admit that I’m already looking forward to the Royal Rumble, and plan on going out to get some new dry erase markers to work out my pick for the Royal Rumble Match. Before then, I write up my Clash of Champions predictions, so keep an eye out for those this weekend!

Queen KB