Scars…Restless Nights…Unfinished Business…

Well, this is a first – NXT’s very first show airing on the USA Network.  I couldn’t be happier for the success of the show and I’m glad they got this showcase on “WWE Week” on the USA Network.  It’s also on the WWE Network like all other “NXT” episodes too if you missed it last night.  People even dropped by for a “Dignified Discussion” of the events as they unfolded last night so that shows there’s interest.  Let’s break down what happened during the show, shall we?


Andrade Cien Almas (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Fabian Aichner

This was a decent match, honestly.  Aichner’s leap from the top rope (not the corner) onto Andrade was very nice.  He really got up there.  He also lays a in very vicious power bomb.  He got in some good offense but Andrade extinguished it pretty quickly with his finisher.  Still, Aichner was fairly impressive here and this did him a few favors.


Backstage segment – SAniTY

They always come across so ominously and Eric really knows how to sell this well.  Very well-done as usual.


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Authors of Pain (w/ Paul Ellering)

I’m honestly not sure why AOP is still in “NXT”.  There’s really nothing else for them to accomplish.  Perhaps WWE just feels they aren’t ready yet?

As for Lorcan and Burch, I’ve really been given zero reason to care about either one of them.  They’ve both had matches but I haven’t been invested in anything they’ve done, honestly.  WWE hasn’t made me care one way or the other.

The general rule is that when you put a tag team together out of nowhere, they are going to job.  I honestly didn’t expect Lorcan and Burch to job this hard but they did.  They got in a little offense at first but AOP basically ran through them with the same finishing moves we’ve seen over and over again.  This match didn’t accomplish anything beyond showing AOP on the USA Network.  Perhaps that was the only point.


Ember Moon (c) vs. Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay)

This was pretty good!  Both of these women can go for sue and they showed us that here.  As I always note, Peyton and Billie make great mean “better than you” girls and, of course, we can’t help but root for Ember.  Ember’s Eclipse is the most vicious looking finisher in WWE right now and Ember pulls it off to perfection.  These women worked hard and gave us a very nice match.  The attack at the end was really good too.  I’ve never seen Billie be so vicious before and I liked it.  Nikki coming out to make the save was equally appropriate.  The woman is unhinged and I love her.


Backstage segment – Street Profits

Man, I love them!  Both have a tremendous amount of charisma and I’m so happy to see them getting a substantial shot.  It was a short segment but it showed them off nicely as intended.  WWE is clearly trying to make the most of this hour of TV on USA Network to “show off their wares” and I’m glad Street Profits got a few minutes to do that.


Adam Cole (w/ Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Aleister Black (Number 1 contender’s match for the NXT title)

Was there any doubt this’d be a good match?  There were some very nice-near falls and just overall excellent work from two guys who can throw down.  The way Aleister kept lifting up Adam with his foot was a nice touch too.  Aleister came away with the victor (I did not expect that) and it’ll be interesting to see if they push the button on him and ultimately give him Andrade for the title.

By the way, where was Velveteen Dream?  He tore the house down with Aleister at the last “TakeOver” and hasn’t been seen since. It’s already been said that he’s not injured.  I just don’t know where he is.