Clash of Champions

What a roller coaster of a show. Not the best PPV of the year, but maybe not the worst either. I will say that the IWC was very quiet going into this show, and it appeared as though many just didn’t tune in. It’s traditionally the worst time of the year for WWE fans. Many think it’s after WrestleMania into the summer, but in reality, after years of writing about pro wrestling, I’ve seen how the fall is the worst. After SummerSlam, many fans seem to drop off. They come back for Survivor Series and then leave again until the Royal Rumble. From the Rumble through WrestleMania is the best time of the year for wrestling fans to tune in, and they do. Sadly we opened Wrestle Royalty at the worst time of the year, but we are hoping our numbers get better as we start creeping up on the Royal Rumble, but please tell your friends about us so we can continue making this the safest place in the IWC!

One last thing before we jump into CoC. By the end, I was so disgusted by the main event and Sir Mitch was all riled up. So Mitch stepped in and reviewed the main event. Please give him the same respect and courtesy you give me on most days!


Orange Ryder Was Juiced

Okay, the title of this segment didn’t come out the way I thought it would. Not saying that Ryder has been juicing, but that Ryder was squashed flat by Mojo, and since Ryder is that certain bright orange that reserved for the Jersey shore and that small handed man who digs his hole deeper by the day. Sorry, but I read the title and it sounded bad, but as close to what I wanted as I could get.

I thought Mojo looked quite strong and self-assured in the ring. He’s absolutely learned a lot since being brought up to the main roster, even since he won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania. The smack talk from Mojo was great, especially when Ryder was able to fight back – a bit. Like Sheamus, Mojo shows most of the body blows on his skin through the match. He turns red, almost as dramatically as Sheamus does, so maybe there is something to be said for the orange look? Nah.

I’m hoping this is the solid first step Mojo needed to push forward. The Andre The Giant Battle Royal should have done that at WrestleMania, but nothing at all happened for him after that. Then again, it took twice as long for Corbin to get his push after winning the same match a year earlier. Only time will tell on Mojo, but he has everything needed to be a solid superstar.


Ziggler? Why?

I wrote a whole paragraph during the early part of this match about why I thought Ziggler was in this match. But Ziggler winning completely swerved me, and not in a good way. See next paragraph in parentheses.

(I honestly don’t understand why Ziggler is in this match. His addition was such an afterthought that it seems lame. Okay, I will say that having him there gave _____ someone to pin, rather than ___. both Corbin and Roode come out of it looking strong, and neither taking the direct loss.) And then Ziggler won.

Roode looked really strong in this match, but I’d rather see him working with Trip, or Joe, or AJ. Personally, a strong feud between Roode and AJ would about bring each and every building down around them. I can guess that McMahon might not want to do it as it’s rehashing TNA in some ways, but I think it’s the best way to get Roode really over with the fans and prove that he is main event talent and should be used as such before he gets too old!

I have no clue what they are thinking strapping Ziggler. I’m almost wondering if the WWE is being obstinate and swerving for the sake of swerving. That’s how it feels to me, especially since the WWE cannot keep a Ziggler push going for longer than a couple months, then stupidity. This feels like a bad move at this point.


Tag This, Tag That

I really like the idea of a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Championship Match. I like it even more that there are four teams on SD strong enough to do this. Further, these are not the only strong teams on SD. But, for a Fatal Four Way, this match seemed to plod along at a rather slow pace. Not saying it was bad because it wasn’t, it just wasn’t the speed I expected from these teams.

Benjamin patrolling the opponents so Gable’s Texas Cloverleaf had a chance to win was wonderful! It was a great way to do things and added so much to their team. Speaking about adding much to their team, Gable shocked me with his strength. He’s been lost, even with Benjamin, and really hasn’t found his stride since JJ went to Raw. I think Gable finally found his groove in this match, and I finally see him and Benjamin as a strong, viable team. Now all they need is some personality.

Poor Kofi was really beaten up in this match. Between the botch with English and the other times he was taken out trying to get into the ring, he’s going to be hurting tonight! Speaking of English, he impressed me more in this match than he had previously. He was always stronger in the ring than Gotch, so I’m thrilled that they found a solid spot for him on the roster, and I hope things only get better for him. I still find it interesting that he’s married into the Guerrero family, and while he wasn’t brought up a Guerrero, it feels like at least the Guerreros are still on WWE TV in some way.

I was a bit surprised that the Usos retained. I really thought that with all these different teams that we would get new champs, specifically English and Rusev after the TV time they’ve been getting each week. Maybe it will happen soon because Rusev Day is really becoming a solid team!


A Clean Finish!

I really thought that the Lumber Jill Match would end up being a screwy ending. Between Carmella, her MITB case, the Riot Squad (not adding an extra T for no reason, so don’t expect it to happen), Tamina, Naomi, and the Diva Lana. Yes, I called Lana a Diva as she hasn’t done anything that proves she’s anything more than that. She sticks out like a sore thumb on the SD Women’s Roster. If she didn’t wrestle, then I wouldn’t say that, but her ring work just isn’t up to par with the rest. Dana is leaps and bounds better in the ring than Lana. I still love Lana on WWE TV, just not as a wrestler.

There was much of the fighting outside the ring I expected, but that it came down to Nattie and Charlotte was quite shocking when it happened. After, with Nattie’s promo, I get it more, but it still seems like they missed a huge opportunity to push the Riot Squad. They were ringside, so the could have made a much bigger impact in this match, but they felt as though they were told to hold back, be more subdued. It felt a bit odd that they went the direction they did with this one. I’m at a bit of a loss here.

How did Charlotte use her family name to win this match? That makes less than no sense, but that’s Nattie’s heel run as of late – makes no sense. But, somehow, she seems to have found her heel and is running with it! That was the best heel promo we’ve gotten from Nattie, ever.


The Beard Bros!

The way Breeze was slammed face first on the apron looked amazing! The double powerbomb, not so much. Even though they’re no longer in a cult, Rowan and Harper, are still big and scary. Actually, they would fit in with a lot of my Viking friends. Many of whom strap on full armor and look even more intimidating than these two. Funny side-note – an ex-boyfriend of mine came home from working over-night at a convenience store. He came home to tell me he saw a guy that would be amazing to put in armor and fight. I was annoyed that he didn’t bring it up to this guy. A month later we got cable, so I was watching the WWE and the ex said, “Hey, that’s the huge guy I saw that would be great in armor!” Of course my jaw bounced off the floor a few times before I asked which one? It was Big Show.



KO and Sami pushing Bryan as the heel makes me think he won’t turn. Then KO talking up against Shane with their history, makes me think they are really going to flip things on us.

The look on their faces when Dasha brought up them being fired was wonderful! Those two can sell!


Why Not The Main Event?

Orton’s forearm never even touched Sami’s face! What was up with that? It looked horrible, even from a camera angle that should have worked. But Sami coming back with chops on Orton, yelling smack about taking Sami’s job, was downright fantastic!

Early on Bryan and Shane separating the sides of the ring for who was reffing what side. Further, Bryan apologizing when KO tells him that he counted too slow was really strange. Actually, much of Bryan’s reffing looks strange. No clue what he was doing with his arms, but it looked rather odd.

The ring work was great through the whole match, but it was the work between Shane and Bryan that the fans were watching. The work between them was solid and told a great story. Yes, the four men actually wrestling looked great, but this was all Bryan and Shane at the end, and they swerved us a bit. Neither turned truly heel or did anything that was overtly heel or face, but they did so much more. Bryan’s facial expressions were great, but not to be outdone by Shane sitting in the ring against the bottom rope, selling every little bit of emotion he had. It was the best moment of the night, for me.


Sir Mitch

The Face Palm

I had only one thought after Jinder tapped out to AJ’s calfcrusher finisher…”THANK F**K IT’S OVER!”

This match was without a doubt the worst main event match in WWE for 2017. Hell, it has a chance to be considered one of the worst main event matches of all time! The crowd was was dead for every single last excruciating minute of it. Not even AJ Styles could make this match work.

Vince McMahon’s attempt to turn such an awful performer who isn’t even good enough to play a jobber into a viable WWE Champion just to sell a tour in India (Which bombed badly by the way) at the expense of the Smackdown brand will rank as one of the worst creative and business decisions he’s ever made! And it is further proof that he and his army of yes men behind the scenes of WWE place FAR too much emphasis on “Marketability” and “Look” when deciding who headlines shows.

But the thing that really pissed me off during this horrible slog of a match was the brilliant Cory Graves trying desperately to put over Jinder Mahal on commentary. Clearly, poor Graves had Vince McMahon feeding him lines all throughout the match!

The only silver lining to this whole entire thing was the relief we now all feel that the failed Jinder Mahal as a main eventer experiment is FINALLY over!


Final Bit off Glow

No, not Naomi, The Afterglow! We hope you enjoyed watching Clash of Champions with us. Please tell us what you thought of CoC, and don’t forget to join us (and bring your friends) for Raw and SD!

Queen KB & Sir Mitch