Mojo Rawley Let’s Loose with Fiery Promo Prior to Clash of Champions

When Mojo Rawley turned on Zack Ryder, it was a move that shocked no one.  They’d been on a losing streak and the team itself had been going absolutely nowhere for a while.  Finally, after loss to The Bludgeon Brothers on the November 28th edition of “Smackdown Live!”, it happened.  Zack was doing an in-ring interview regarding where the team was headed next after yet another loss and Mojo snapped.  He destroyed Zack, thus turning heel for the first time.  Since then, the “build” for their inevitable collision at “Clash of Champions” has been tepid at best, almost non-existent at worst.  A lot of it has been done via social media with Zack getting off a few responses, some very good.  This was the latest – pinned to the top of his Twitter page:

We knew that this would play out on social media because it certainly didn’t play out on “Smackdown Live!”.  What we didn’t know was the response this would get.

Feast your eyes and ears on this:

Here, Mojo takes matters into his own hands (just like Zack does above and, really, always did) and does a responds to Zack in a further effort to get people invested in their match this evening.  This promo also reached the eyes of former ECW and WWE star, Lance Storm.  His reaction is glowing:

Botch Take:  What a nice surprise!  As I said in “The Court of Royal Opinion” predictions, I wasn’t invested in this match when I wrote my predictions yesterday morning…but I am now!  Zack’s tweets have been fun – especially the one where he dogs Mojo’s NFL career.  Mojo’s promo, however, was a real revelation.  As promos go, you really can’t ask for any more than Mojo has done here.  He’s angry, he’s articulate, he attacks Zack but doesn’t bury him so that Zack can respond, he makes it personal, and he completely gets his point across.  I also like the subtlety of spittle coming out of his mouth while he’s doing it, showing real vitriol for his opponent.  I had NO clue Mojo had THIS in him.  I am not COMPLETELY invested in this match and want to see it happen.  I’m also hoping that Zack gives us another response.